Incredible Upgrade: Playroom Turned High Tech Movie Theater

I have always wanted to turn one of the rooms in my house into a full blown theater/game room. A place where movies actually feel like being at the movie theater and video games feel as real as they can possibly get. Unfortunately not all of us have the space or money for this type of major high-tech upgrade, but for those that can spare a room and a few extra dollars on a high-tech project — creating a high-tech Home theater of your own, may very well be the most fun and rewarding experience. Check out this playroom to High Tech Theater upgrade that is truly inspiring.

This is what happens when a family no longer has kids living at home. They turn a huge playroom into an incredible, high tech movie theater.

Electronic House Slide Shows are always some of the best!

Tech Specs of the Setup:

Runco RS900CW DLP Projector with Anamorphic Lens
Stewart Filmscreen SNDQ115FG3WMX 115” MicroPerf 2.35:1 Screen
Integra DTR-8.9 AV Surround-Sound Receiver
RBH SI-760 In-wall Speakers (3)
RBH MC-6 In-wall Speakers (6)
Velodyne SC-15 Sub-woofer
Velodyne SC-1250 Sub-woofer Amp
Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Player
Vudu XL HD Movie Player
Escient Fireball MX-311 DVD Manager
Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD Mega Changer
Microsoft Xbox 360 Game System
DirecTV HR23 HD-DVR Satellite Receiver
APC H15BLK Power Conditioner
Ixos Cables & Banana Plugs
Planet Waves Custom Cables
Chief Projector Mount (Ceiling Plate, Down Rod, Mount)
RTI T3V Remote Control
RTI RP6 Remote Control Processor
RTI RM433 Antenna
United Leather Custom Theater Seating (13)
Middle Atlantic AX-SXR Rack with Custom Rack shelves
Linksys EG005W Gigabit 5-Port Switch
Lutron Spacer System Lighting Control
Custom Built Acoustical Wall/Ceiling Panels

  • V8Supercars

    This is impressive to say the least, who’s setup is this Desz? is it a TQfam or just something you came across?

  • I came across it V8, I saw it and I was like — damn!