Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

Time Crisis games, and in a larger scale light gun games in general, have always had a strong niche following. Beyond that though, they generally struggle to find mainstream success. The Time Crisis series has suffered this same stigma even though their games have been some of the better ones. Will Razing Storm be the game to finally change that?

Story: Razing Storm bundles two other Time crisis games with it: Time Crisis 4, and Deadstorm Pirates. I mention that here, because in all the the story is basically the same thing. You’re hunting terrorists or super soldiers for some reason, as they run and hide behind boxes. Etc, etc.

You don’t play the Time Crisis games for gripping storylines, sub-plot twists, or amazing narratives. You play them for mindless fun.

Gameplay: And speaking of mindless fun, it all really comes into play here. There’s just something about pointing a gun at the screen and shooting things that sparks a slightly primal urge. Games like this always make me long for the fall hunting trips I enjoy going on, and Razing Storm is no exception.

If you’ve played one Time Crisis game, you’ve pretty much seen the gameplay elements before, except that this version uses the PlayStation Move to perfection. It still may not be the “killer app” for the Move hardware, but it very well showcases what it can do. Your targeting reticule follows the Move with utmost precision, and adds to the fun factor.

As an on-rails shooter, all you really need to do is just aim and pull the trigger though – nothing more complex than that, which is a bit disappointing. it would have been nice to have had something else thrown into the mix. To be fair though, the local co-op is an amazing amount of fun, but the online multiplayer is very much lacking in the community department. I saw less than 300 people ranked on the leaderboards, which isn’t good.

Graphics: The graphics feel really dated, even on the Razing Storm game that is supposed to be the main draw. Some of the sprites are definitely reused, and it’s almost comical with how bad some of the sections look. to be fair though, the Time Crisis games have never had the best graphics of the bunch.

Sound: I’m not sure if the voice acting is supposed to be a joke, or if they really were trying to be serious about things, but it’s seriously bad. the sounds of the guns is okay, but it’s REAL hard to get around the voices.

Wishes: I wish the same thing here that I wish for any and all on-rails shooters – that a bit more time was taken to make them look better. That’s one of the main reasons that the whole on-rails genre has suffered; they never look very good. I also wish that the online had a better following, but there’s nothing to be done about that.

Final Thoughts: Even with three games to pick from, there’s not much content here to keep you busy. Each of the three games can be completed in 2 to 3 hours max – the only saving grace is if you have someone to play with, because that’s where the fun truly lies here.

In closing, I give Time Crisis: Razing Storm 2.5 out of 5 Michelas only because of the local multiplayer fun.

(2/2.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 2 Michelas is like drinking 2 of your favorite drinks, you are just getting started, everybody still looks ugly, your social skills are not on point and the bar seems far away. Only thing saving you, are the Chips & Salsa.

Developer: namco-bandai
Publisher: Namco-bandai
Platforms: PlayStation 3
MSRP: $59.99

  • ochoas08

    DAMMN whisky is on fire with this reviews. Good job! I was actually interested in picking the Move for this game since I love playing it on the arcades but I guess I’m have to wait for more descent Move games before I drop $100.