Logitech G25 Wheel Review (PS3)

PS3 G25 Wheel Review: By V8SuperCars
Product: G25 Racing wheel
System: PS3

Manufacturer: Logitech

I recently became a proud owner of a G25 wheel for PS3 and PC, I was blown away with the simple setup and ultimate experience that I had to put together a review of the wheel, so let’s kick this off.

Build Quality:
I will start with the quality of the wheel, the wheel is constructed out of mostly plastic with metal inserts here and there for the paddle shifters, pedals and body of wheel, it’s very tough and durable, the actual wheel is made out of a leather and its great on the hands very grippe and very easy to hold for extended usage.
The wheel has the 900deg rotation so it does 2 full turns both ways — and this is done automatically to the specific game you are playing.
The G25 also has every button of the PS3 controller on it excluding the PS guide button (read below on how its work) and has F1 style paddle shifters, 6 speed Manual shifter gearbox and 3 pedal configuration for acceleration, brake and clutch. The foot pedals are nicely weighted not to heavy so every time you press it the base moves more than the peddle does and not light so you cannot control throttle or brake position, each pedal has its own unique weight to a real life counterpart.

The G25 clamps down using 2 clamps that run from the top of the wheel through the body and then hooks under and tightens up from the top of the unit, the unit size is super small and I was very concerned about this as it looks like it’s not big enough to hold powerful motors for FFB and 900deg rotation, but the size of the unit makes it so easy to mount unlike other hugely wide wheels that clamps from the base and not through the main body like the G25.

I’ve had my fair share of wheels in the past, PC/PS2 Thrustmaster Force feedback wheel, the official 360 FFB wheel, GT Force Pro and few other FFB and rumble wheels for PS2, Xbox1 and PC.
I will say the best feedback I have ever had was from the PC Trustmaster, this thing had the smoothest wheel rotation and hardest FFB I have ever felt in a wheel and over the course of 5 or more years have not owned a wheel that could come even close to this wheel — until now!!! The G25 is by far the best wheel I have ever used, the wheel rotation is silky smooth, the force feedback is harder, stronger and more responsive than my much loved Thrustmaster and this was a huge shock as I have picked up so many wheels since and always been let down, but not this time round. The small body of the wheel making me think this wheel was weak, boy was I SHOCKED!!!

Tested Games:

GT5 Prologue
I first played some GT5P and the wheel was like butter in my hand feedback for everything was replicated back into my hand, if I lose traction or my car starts to go into a slide the wheel become light (like the tires are not gripping to the floor) it was just so incredible to feel such feedback put into my hands, driving over ripple strips would make the wheel fight and going off road you could feel every bump as the wheel pushes left and right.
GT: Prologue supports 6speed gear box and clutch configuration by simply pressing triangle as the race starts. With this configuration nothing feels better, each shift has to be perfectly timed, each down shift you hear the car’s engine roaring down the gears and the can even heal and toe with ease to balance the car just as you would in real life, there is no greater satisfaction to be in total control of your virtual car, this is what gaming heaven feels like and I’m LOVING IT!!!

The wheel is like a God send, they always say an F1 car is the most uncomfortable cars to drive and this shows on the wheel, driving down a long straight the wheel is moving, twisting, shunting, shacking it’s just something everyone who owns a PS3 needs to try! It truly is just that good. The car control on F1 is spot on the cars response is perfect and you never feel like you are out of control, the weight of the wheel is perfectly set (most games you can turn up and down the weight along with the feedback strength) this game comes in one setting “FRICKEN HARD” feedback and perfect weight balance and I love it so much.

Others games
I have also tested it on NFS:PS, Dirt2, V8SuperCars 3(ps2), F1 2010, Ferrari Challenge and many more and the good news is all work great, on most games you can set the wheel from zero weight (like a cheap non FFB wheel) to massive amount of weight so it’s real hard and heavy to turn the wheel, also you can change the FFB from soft to hard (the amount of pulling it does against you)

Set Up and connectivity:
My Favorite part of the wheel (well almost)
The G25 is built into the PS3 software and it works like a treat, just plug in USB and Power cable and its works a treat, no need to change settings, no need to pull this or do that to make it work, it’s all done automatically.

Example of this is put in F1: CE and the wheel are now setup automatically, no need to change the settings to make the gas pedal, brake or shifters work — no layouts need to be changed,  nothing at all — just play!!!

Don’t want to use the wheel? Just unplug it and the controls change back to the controller, it’s just that damn good and simple. I remember playing PC games and having to spend hrs changing out layouts and dealing with the annoyance of getting a game started online

The G25 setup also works in conjunction with your wireless PS3 controller in that you use the PS3 controller to bring up the guide button and quit games etc on F1 it lets you control the menus but as soon as a race starts its disabled (so friends cannot bug you by press brakes on the controller etc) Bluetooth headsets talk to the PS3 direct so no trouble using headset and wheel, it’s just so easy.

My Setup:
My wheel setup is used on a Playseat Evo racing Cockpit with the seat slider adjuster, gear shifter attachment, The wheel, pedals and Shifter have all be screw mounted onto the Racing cockpit to reduce any movement or take away any feeling you might loose from the FFB on a non secure table/stand. I’m also running an Adventure bass boom under the seat that is connected to my home theater so I can feel every last ripple strip, car crash and gear shift through the seat. (Keep tuned to TQcast as I will follow up with a full review of the Playseat Racing cockpit I use)

The G25 scores huge in every category, there is little I can fault and much to praise here, Logitech has clearly put lots of time and research into the wheel and it’s a product that is solid from top to bottom.

This would have to be the best accessory that I have purchased in a very long time and would recommend this product to any PS3 owner that’s into car games or just enjoys the excitement of driving a real car like a Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche this 99% would never get a chance to feel how it is to drive a car of its power and presents that’s until you get a G25 and put yourself in the driving seat, If there is only 1 accessory you buy this year, this is the one.

Now, many of you might ask “what about the new G27 wheel?” Well I have used the G27 on 2 or 3 occasions and of all time I have use it, it just feels like a G25 wheel, it’s more quiet in the motors, has shift lights, gear shifter looses up down shifting but has a more solid shifter and pedals can be adjusted mildly, overall both wheels are on the same page of insanely awesome and both are worthy products of my final score.

Final Score: 5/5 Michelas

(What does 5 Michelas mean?) 5 michelas is like drinking 5 of your favorite drinks, you are feeling better than ever, you are the life of the party, your buzz has reached the highest level of happiness, you are truly unstoppable, unbreakable, but most importantly, perfect! The 5 michela rating is the only rating to have an after party in honor of your perfection! Congratulations!

  • ochoas08

    Nice review I been wanting to get a wheel for a while especially for GT5 if it evers come out. How much did you spend for the whole racing set up including the seat.

  • V8SuperCars

    Thanks Oc, In $AUD it was $300 for wheel and another $800 for the seat gear stick mounter and seat adjuster attachments. Not sure what that works out USD, normally about half so $150 + $400= $550 US approx.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Man…that is sweet setup. I’d love to have that. Guess I know what I’ll be saving up for. I’d really love to use that sucker on the new Need for Speed!

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  • I’m not a big racing fan, but this right here makes me want to pay any racing game.

    Where do you store all this V8?

  • V8SuperCars

    L1T: i have not DL the new NFS yet, i will DL and see how it runs, is it any good?
    Desz: The setup sits in my lounge room, along with my Sons cockpit i made him with a GT Force Pro wheel LOL, He is only 2 and ripping it around GT5P, I pulled apart his high chair and used the seat as a racing bucket seat and used my old stand and modded it into a kids table. it looks great.

  • V8SuperCars

    I just posted up images of my setups on the Forum

  • ochoas08

    man thats nice but man too much $$$$$$$$$$$…. just saw your pictures and gotta say your one creative dude.. im sure i can get creative and put a wheel on Guitar Hero drums stand. gotta think cause i need some like that before GT5 is out hopelly before ps4..lol….

  • Siggy

    Wow great review. I’m thinking of buying this but I wonder if they are making a special wheel for GT 5.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R


    Yeah man. I’m loving NFS. The cars feel like they float a bit but I’m having a great time with the demo. Definitely picking it up. I’ll probably spend a whole bunch of time playing the crap out of it as usual.

    I think I went all the way through the first game with a Blacklist. Didn’t play Shift or Drift I think.

    I wish there was more customization but at least you get to change the color of the car. I just want to hop in a Zonda and fly. LoL