Dead Rising 2 PC Review

Game:Dead Rising 2
Reviewed by:Crazyjulious

Capcom is no stranger to zombie infested games. In this game you play as Chuck Greene, an ex-motocross racer. You have been set up and are being accused of letting loose thousands of zombies. You try to clean your name while trying to find medicine for your infected daughter. Will Dead Rising 2 quench your thirst for zombie killing, or will it leave you craving for more?


The story in this game is full of surprises and twists. You play as Chuck Greene, an ex-motocross racer. You live in a world where zombies are known to exist and are contained away from the non-infected. Something bad happens and the zombies are let loose among the city and the people. The news channel shows Chuck letting the zombies loose. Chuck is set up. You need to find out who set you up and how you can prove it before the military shows up. You also need to be bringing a special medicine to your daughter so she can stay human. She is infected and requires a dose of Zombrex every 24hrs. This is a hard task in itself because the medicine is very scarce and is really hard to find. If for some reason you can’t find it you can always buy it. It is extremely expensive though. I didn’t have the money to buy Zombrex most of the time.

Story line seems a little absent at times. You find yourself fighting hordes of zombies in order to level up. You can pick up almost anything from the mall and use it as a weapon. I did mention the whole game takes place inside a huge shopping mall, right? There are plenty of weapon combos that you discover while you’re playing. For example, you can combine a water gun and a fire extinguisher and shoot snowballs to freeze and shatter zombies. You start to get creative on how to kill zombies. The different ways to kill zombies I would say is the focal point of the game. This is what adds to the replay ability of the game.

The gameplay is fun and simple. All you control is attack and the direction of the attack. I found it addicting to get in the middle of like fifty zombies and just swing away with a strong weapon. It can get a little repetitive at times. The zombies don’t go away. They get in the way as your trying to carry out your missions. And there are a ton of zombies on screen at the same time. I have no idea how Capcom was able to do this with ought hurting framerate. Even though there were a ton of zombies, finding new ways to kill them kept it fresh.


The graphics are good. By good I mean by console standards. Since I played this game on PC I was expecting much better graphics. I had all the video settings maxed out and only thing I noticed over the console version was the resolution. You can tell that this game was designed with consoles in mind. This is definitely not a reason to not buy the PC version though.


The general sound quality of the game seemed a little average. The voice acting was ok, but not awesome. Some of the phrases the characters used portrayed the 80’s style cheesiness, which I enjoyed. The games audio really doesn’t shine but didn’t really matter all that much. It suited the game well.

Final Thoughts

This is a great game if you enjoy open world games. It is not as open as GTA in the sense that Dead Rising gives you time deadlines to complete different tasks. I enjoyed combining weapons to kill zombies in style. Definitely enjoyed dismembering. I find it a little hard to justify the $50 price for PC and $60 for consoles. I would probably wait for the first price drop before purchasing this game personally. But if your into zombie killing, I would pick it up now.

I give this game a 3.5/5 chellas. Its a great game but wished it would take advantage of PC hardware.

3.5 out of 5 Michelas! (3.5 Michelas? What does this mean?) 3.5 Michelas is like drinking 3 of your favorite drinks, and working on your 4th, you feel relaxed, happy and starting to socialize. Not quite at the peak of your buzz, but not far from it.

Platforms:PC (reviewed on), PS3, XBOX 360
PC Specs:Core2Duo at 3.6, 4 gig ram, GTX 275. I ran this game at max with no hickups. Maintained 60fps, even with all those zombies. Game is really lenient on hardware.
Minimum PC Requirements:Core2Duo at 2.4, 2gig of ram, 8.5gig free HD space, DirectX10, GeForce 8800GTS.

  • Great review, short like a shot glass, and I like these reviews over long reviews. You covered everything Julio! Crazy how you run these games on MAX settings.