the tK show #8 If at first you don’t succeed…


the tK show is back again with another show, re-recorded for your listening pleasure. In episode 8 we discuss:
Medal of Honors weak multiplayer experience.
Dead Risings comeback from the original.
Why you shouldn’t play FIFA 11…….On the Wii
Why you SHOULD play Super Meat Boy!!!
We also announce a very special surprise we have planned for Episode 9 of the tK show!
all that and much more!

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  • Maybe the dad is against gay marriage? He should get over it.

  • Illmatic

    Lol ye he should get over. Its not everyday that Filty and Julio wanna get married.

    • You guys have it easy, when I had to go talk to my wife’s dad, I went to tell him that she was pregnant with my baby. And get this, I had never met him before. Beat that!

  • Illmatic

    Damn PWND. Thats true chicano style… Viva la raza chhaaaooooo