FIFA 11 Wii Review

Game: FIFA 11
System: Nintendo Wii
Review by: Illmatic

EA has put out many sports titles over the years. We have been blessed with Madden and FIFA, and for a while we were lucky to have NBA LIVE. When I heard I would be reviewing FIFA 11 for the Wii I was excited and skeptical at the same time. FIFA has always been a pretty solid soccer game on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but how well does it fare up on the Wii?

Gameplay: FIFA 11 has done a lot to give the player a gaming experience that is almost customizable. FIFA offers a lot of different gameplay modes for you to choose from, so you’ll never have to worry about playing the same mode every time, that is if you decide to even continue to play this after your first time. Below I will explain each game mode that is offered in FIFA 11.

HIT THE PITCH: This is your standard 11 v. 11 pick up and play style match. The rules are the same as any normal soccer match. The only thing you can customize in this mode is the half length and the difficulty of the A.I. Power Ups are not allowed in this mode.

HIT THE STREETS: Exclusive to FIFA 11 and only on the Nintendo Wii is the new arcade mode, Hit the Streets. Hit the Streets is a 5 v. 5 pick up and play street style mode. There are various power ups you can collect, such as; Power Shot, Speed Burst, Super Slide. The main idea behind the power ups is to change the pace of play compared to traditional soccer. The locations are all walled, and can either be played in the street, or indoors. The players also have the option of wearing hoody’s, t-shirts or jackets. There are three match types in Hit the Streets.
Timed is your normal type of match, when the time runs out the player with the most goals wins. If both teams are tied at the end of the time limit then Golden Goal mode is activated, in which the first team to score wins. Score is a match type that grants the team with a win if they get the target amount of goals first. Tug of War is a match type where the player chooses a goal differential, the first team to lead by that number wins. There are also a number of Net Types in all of the Street modes. There is a normal net type, which is your standard indoor size. There is a half net type, which is the same width but half the height of a regular sized net, making sure you don’t over kick your shot is important with this net type. The mini net type is probably the most creative. It places a tiny square goal on each side of the court with no keeper. The goal is about double the size of the ball, so aiming is critical with this net type.

STREETS TO STADIUMS: This is another mode that is exclusive to FIFA 11 on the Nintendo Wii. In Streets to Stadiums you get to create your own character and start your very own soccer legacy. The character you create is completely customizable, and as you progress through the game you unlock more customizations. You start off as a nobody and slowly build your soccer dynasty. When you first start off all of the matches are street style 5 v. 5. After a while you start to get noticed by Pro Recruiters. As you move up in the soccer community you pass the phase of playing 5 v. 5 and move onto the big 11 v. 11 matches. There are various power ups and attributes that you unlock as you progress through the game. Your character also has the ability to level up and gain fame throughout this mode. Before each match there are certain Fame Moments that you can select for the match. Fame Moments are little challenges that award you with a little bit of extra XP if you complete the challenge. An example of a Fame Moment is Make your first goal. That is the rundown for the Streets to Stadiums mode.

BATTLE FOR GLORY: Battle for Glory is your standard career mode. In Battle for Glory you choose your favorite country, league and team. After you select your team, you are given to change the difficulty of the opposition then you play numerous matches to take your team to become champions. In this mode you are allowed to use up to two Game Booster during each match. Game Boosters are awarded throughout the game based on performance. Game Boosters can give you a slight edge over the competition. There are a lot of Game Boosters to acquire in the game, these range from speed boosts, to increased power in your shots. The unique thing about the Game Boosters is that they can be banked and compiled together to create a new Game Booster.

TOURNAMENT: Tournament mode lets you choose from a variety of real world tournaments and compete in them. You have the ability to choose up to 16 teams to control. If you don’t feel like playing a match you can simulate the game and get to the good matches faster; quarter finals, semi-finals, and lastly, Championship. No power ups are allowed in tournament play, and all standard rules apply.

Graphics: This is where the review gets ugly, literally. This game looks awful. I know its a Wii game and there isn’t a whole lot to be expected, but this game looks bad. Iv’e seen Game Cube games that look better. The character models look like they used the same character and just rendered them different colors. The levels look boring and they definitely look rushed. It’s sad that EA didn’t take the time to polish the levels a little more, because this game had so much potential, given that it has a few exclusive modes only available on the Wii.

Sound: The sounds in FIFA 11 are also quite annoying to say the least. Like all EA sports games, the music in the menus is fairly good and fun to listen to. Its when the game starts where the music is terrible. Im not sure why EA decided to throw those horrid sounding songs into the actual gameplay. It really makes you want to mute your TV.

Controls: This is another mechanic of the game that helps the game fail. There are three types of control schemes.

ALL PLAY allows the player to use only the Wii-Mote. This may sound like a perfect control scheme except its not used how you would expect it to be used. Rather than having you hold the Wii-Mote with both hands using the D-PAD and buttons to control movement and functions, EA goes one step further and ruins it. With All Play the cpu controls your characters movements and it is up to you to point your control at the character you would like to either pass the ball to or point in the direction where you want to attempt a goal. These controls feel very unresponsive and it almost feels like your not even playing.

Wii-Mote and NUNCHUK This control scheme was the second mode I chose to try out. While it is a hell of a lot better than just using the Wii-Mote it still feels rather clunky. There are too many buttons that are used in FIFA 11 and having them mapped across two separate controls just adds to the difficulty. After a while I got used to them and things went a little smoother for me, but they were still a huge problem.

Wii Classic Controller This control scheme should be the best and feel the most natural to sports game players. Unfortunately I did not have a Classic Controller at the time of review.

Wishes: Where to start? First off, it would have been awesome to actually have decent music during gameplay. Second, why couldnt the Wii-Mote control scheme be a more natural feeling control scheme? And EA, shame on you for releasing a game with graphics that are worse than a Game Cube game.

Final Verdict: Horrible controls, bad music and terrible graphics, need I say more. This game had the potential to be a great game, its sad to see a game with a franchise name like FIFA play and look like a budget title. This game proudly earns 2 Michelas out of 5 rating.

(2 Michelas? What does this mean?) 2 Michelas is like drinking 2 of your favorite drinks, you are just getting started, everybody still looks ugly, your social skills are not on point and the bar seems far away. Only thing saving you, are the Chips & Salsa.

Reviewed on: Nintendo Wii
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA
MSRP: $49.99

  • Wow, those graphics look like iPhone graphics. Damn Wii motes!

    • illmatic

      the screen shots of the game are actually upscaled, Nintendo mentions this themselves. So this game actually has worse graphics than the iPhone. But dawg, the iPhone has some pretty impressive graphics for a phone.

    • haha damn!! You beat me to it, I was gonna say the same thing. FIFA 11 probably looks better on the iPhone!!

  • Illmatic

    You snooze you lose. But yeah iphone has way better graphics than FIFA 11

  • V8SuperCars

    Damn thats a crap score, I seen the reviews for the PS3 or maybe 360 version and they were great, Wii sucks bad.

  • Illmatic

    Yeah im sure its awesome on ps3 or 360, it usually is. But for the wii its garbage