Pimp Out and Protect Your Evo 4G with this Clear Battery Cover

The people asked for it and Joe Sales aka joey3002 from XDA-Developers delivered. Now HTC EVO 4G owners everywhere can enjoy that Ferrari Red interior all the time for just $14.95 plus shipping.

But just in case the translucent cover above doesn’t juice your battery, you can choose from blue, yellow, and red covers as well. All covers come with protective rails to elevate your phone slightly off surfaces which prevent any damage to that 8 megapixel camera. Don’t worry…your dual LED Flash and the trusty kickstand both are unhampered. Head on over to Custom Evos to unleash your beast now!


    Sprint just replaced my broken Evo4G with a brand new one, as for the red lingerie , i like to keep it covered in black until special occasions