Beatshapers PSP Minis Review

PlayStation Minis are games under 100MB that are developed for the PSP handheld but can also be played on the PS3, they are available through the PlayStation Store and are relatively cheap. Beatshapers is videogame company that has published three minis and today we are going to find out how they stack up.



Genre: Breakout/Puzzle

Gameplay: Breakquest is the sweet imitation of the original Arkanoid, a bat-and-ball type of gameplay where you control a ship that shoots a ball destroying objects while bouncing back. The objective of the game is to clear every stage as quickly as possible but be careful of fallen power ups that can aid or hinder your success, while in your endeavors keep in mind that you can’t let the ball fall into the pit’s of hell, otherwise you loose a ship or a life.

Graphics: Each stage has a different theme that can range from the stars hanging literally in the sky, to cows eating pasture in the open field. The graphics themselves aren’t what we are used to playing on the PSP but simply look past it and enjoy the fun factor of the speedy challenges.

Sound: The background music that is available in the game feels like a futuristic elevator music that is buried beneath the stagnant sound effects of what sounds like Pong when the ball hit’s the ship and the objects.

Rating: BreakQuest gets a 2.5 Michela out of 5!

Game: Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Genre: Simulation/Hunting

Gameplay: As a hobby did you ever like to hunt deer, perhaps hunt deer in a videogame? that is exactly what the premise of carnivore is. Fully equipped with either a pistol, sniper rifle or a crossbow, not limited to those weapons, you will venture out into the wild and patiently hunt these dinosaurs. As a beginner you will start with the more easier pray herbivores and the then make your way up to the more deadly and dangerous carnivores. The rules are simple, search, aim and hunt, it might seem easy at first but be careful because this dinos have a powerful scent that can track you a mile away, use the wind to your advantage and use it to catch them off guard.

Graphics: I was very impressed by how big each island was, considering how small the file size of the game is. With that being said, it was more surprising how decent the graphics looked on the PSP, it could have definitely be confused with the original PlayStation back in its day.

Sound: The most disappointing part of the game is not having any noise, now that might be considered awkward but seriously after playing the game for two hours and virtually listening to nothing almost made me go insane. I know that the purpose of the game is to hunt and it requires some quiet but hearing more dinosaurs roaring, birds chirping, the sound of a waterfall, or even volcanoes exploding in the distance could have been more pleasing.

Rating: I give Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter 2 Michelas out of 5

Game: NormalTanks
normal tanks

Genre: Action

Gameplay: Normal Tanks is a 2D over the top exploding mayhem where you are in control of a military tank. Mission is to annihilate anything that comes in your direct path such as enemy vehicles, turrets or diverse bosses. There are two types of ammunition at your disposal, high cal bullets and explosive rounds, the gameplay is very simple, just evade any incoming fire with the left analog stick and counter by blowing your enemies to oblivion.

Graphics: The original release of the game was on PC several years back and even though it might not look like its predecessor, it can still look very pleasing with all the action that happens on the screen.

Sound: The action music is composed of electrical guitars and 8-Bit sounds that is very reminiscent of old school games like Contra and Bionic Commando. When playing on the PSP, it is recommended to use either headphones or ear buds in order to hear the explosions and the music.

Rating: Normal Tanks gets a 3 Michelas out of 5

TQ bottom line: This is a decent bundle to have for under $11 and under 275MB of memory if you are a proud owner of the PSP. With school, work, or travel these games are for pick up and go. All three games can bring hours of play time, depending on what you are looking for, puzzle, hunting, or action, these Minis can fill that need.

Review By: Denoch
Developer: Beatshapers
Publisher: Beatshapers
System: PSP Minis

BreakQuest: $3.99
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter: $3.99
Normal tanks: $2.99