FIFA 11 Video Review

Game: FIFA 11
Genre: Sports
System: PS3
Review by: Desz & JUiCE



Sports games have to be difficult to create, not only do developers have to make the game seem real enough and perform much like the real sport to accommodate the true sport fanatics, but they also have to make the game easy enough to appeal to the general public. I sort of land in-between the general public and hard core when it comes to FIFA 11, I mean, I do watch soccer from time to time, but I don’t get over geeky with stats and schedules. I’m what we, here on TQcast like to call “weekend FIFA warrior”. We play FIFA in a group of friends during our weekend BBQs.

I would be the first to tell you that most of us pretty much judge a FIFA game on how easy it is to score a goal. But, unlike most of us, I have to review the game and share my review to the world. Well, this will be one of the easiest reviews I will have to do all year, why? Because it’s probably the most fun review I will write up this year. I truly love FIFA games, and while friends, family, drinks, food and trash talking are the biggest influence to my FIFA love, I love learning the game and showing off my new moves to my compadres.

Gameplay: So, let’s get into the gameplay. There are usually new enhancements, moves, control schemes added every year, well forget the boring part of the review, let’s talk food and drinks instead. What’s you favorite drink, “a rainbow flick”, what? Oh wait, that’s a FIFA 11 trick move. Yes sir, FIFA has implemented an all new trick system which includes; 360 degree spins and crazy kicks, like the “rainbow flick”. In addition, the all new shooting mechanic, FIFA 11 now allows you to score a goal in numerous amounts of ways, whether it’s a chip or tip; you can shoot that ball with style. The best part of all these new features, is trying to learn them. It might seem overwhelming trying to learn all these new moves and systems, but seriously, once you actually make it happen, the feeling of pulling one of these moves against your buddy, is unforgettable. You will get the “how did you do that” question, trust me.

Along with the new moves, shots and tricks, FIFA 11 brings the all new passing scheme which has become an issue with some of us weekend FIFA warriors. Most of us were use to the old way of passing; “the one button push 5 times” to automatically pass the ball to your players without having to worry if the opponent stole the ball. I personally didn’t like that feature, for one reason. It made weak FIFA players seem good, this new passing scheme which enables you to actually position, scope and place your passes to open players is much more like the real thing. Good bye, easy passing, hello skilled passing. This will definitely separate the lazy FIFA gamers to the ambitious gamers. Some didn’t like the update, I personally love it.

One of the biggest issues with FIFA 10 was the confusion or lack of easy pick up and go when it came to adding your buddy onto your online game. There is nothing worst than watching your buddy play online while you sit and watch. This time around FIFA 11 has a very simple way to get you and your buddy sitting next to you, on an online match, simply hit the “add guest” on any online match while choosing teams and done deal, you are now ready to take on the world.

Online features only get bigger and better each year; the obvious enhancement this time around has to be the ability to play online with the all new 11v11 mode. Incredible and brilliant feature! Imagine playing online with 10 of your other FIFA warrior buddies, against another random or known team online. While that feature may sound like it will cause tons of havoc and confusion — you can always tone it down to the all new 5v5 online mode.

Overall, the gameplay is solid, smooth, fast and the new passing system really makes the game that much more real. I know some of us may be against it, but either you bring it or you watch the big dawgs play.

There are tons of other added features and if you want to read on them check out our detailed, ‘features’ post. Most gamers want to pick up the game and just play, which is the majority within our weekend FIFA warrior crew. We just want to score goals!

Graphics/Sound: FIFA games have never really suffered when it comes to graphics, so expect the game to look good and gameplay to look close to the real thing from a distance. One great thing added this time around, is the user celebrations, now you can set your personal celebration whenever you score a goal. When it comes to sound, the soccer sounds are a true unique experience full of; chants, whistles and balls hitting the posts, it doesn’t get any more real than this. Along with the great soccer sounds, you can now create custom track and chants for every menu, game or celebration in FIFA11. Oh and fuck vuvuzelas!, they are no more!

Wishes: One of the biggest problems I had with most FIFA games is the notorious penalty kicks. FIFA 10 had a moderate learning curve when it came to penalty kicks, but it eventually became as easy as penalty kicks in real life are. Penalty kicks are mostly lucky goals, it’s guessing which side the kicker will go, and FIFA 11 made this confusing, by creating a mini game much like the old basketball games, where you have to match the moving ball to the center of the meter and in addition, direct the location of the kick. Frustration will kick in pretty quick with this change.

Along with the penalty kicks, I’m completely against the online EA pass, but that’s just me.

FIFA 11 is tons of fun, whether you pick up a quick game online, or challenge your buddies on a 4v4 local match at your weekend BBQ event, FIFA 11 offers everything needed to get the full soccer experience from the comfort of your living room.

Final Verdict: 4 out 5

(4 Michelas? What does this mean?) 4 Michelas is like drinking 4 of your favorite drinks, you are feeling amazing and socializing with everybody in your group. You are at the peek of your buzz and only 1 michela away from Perfection.

Reviewed on: PS3
Developer: EA
Publisher: EA
MSRP: $59.99