Download Fable 2 to Your Xbox 360 for Free 99

You read right, Microsoft is giving back today by offering Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 as a free full retail download. Better hurry, not sure how long this will last. Get details on downloading below:

This is definitely legit, and it is being offered by Microsoft.
Go to this link

Sign into your Xbox Live Account
Click Download to Xbox 360
Your game will be downloaded next time you sign into Xbox Live from your Xbox 360

Good looking Slickdeals!

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Nice. I was able to get it and I’m only a Silver member. That’s what I’m talking about Microsoft. Keep this up and I may just sign back up for Live in the future.

  • Denoch

    Hell yeah, i went home and downloaded even though i already own the game.

  • haha @Denoch

  • Seigi

    It didnt work!!! I do not know why it isnt but its really really frusterating!!! D:<

  • confusedsaint

    It only downloaded the free episode one crap they already offered