Netflix – Now Disc-Free!

Throw your Netflix Streaming Disc in the air, because we don’t really care! As of October 18, all of you who stream movies from your Netflix Instant Queue to your PS3, will no longer need the instant streaming disc! A new Netflix app for the PS3 has been created and it arrives with great features, starting with the most notable, the user interface that is said to be much faster and easier to navigate. They did not stop there, they also added support for 1080p High Definition instant streaming and 5.1 surround sound. Check out the video below and let Eric Lempel, Vice President of Network Operations give you the full details!

Source: PS Blog

  • Well, first off, I guess no google tv for PS3 anytime soon. Second, this app looks pretty sharp. And great 1080p and 5.1 surround additions. Will it make me resubscribe to netflix…probably not. They need novelas before I go back.

  • Yeah. Happy about the Netflix but I’m probably going to cancel Netflix and Hulu. After going this whole week without cable and relying on the internet, I can seriously tell you, the world nor is technology ready for life without cable.

    • What type of media setup do you have going? I have been considering cutting cable for sometime now. If it weren’t for those damn novelas my wife watches, that cable shit would have been history.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I use XBMC on my PC in the living room and rip videos from my DVDs, Blu-Rays, or “friends.” I use my Android phone as the remote control. And the PS3 keeps me company when I need a gaming fix.

    In kids room, they use the Roku box and in my bedroom, I have the Xbox 360 and I use that to stream all the media from my PC to the room.

    I’m about to just get an antenna and a new capture card/tv tuner for my PC so I can just starting recording the shows we like to watch.

    Check out for a butt load of online links to TV shows and where you can see them free online.