Conduit 2: It’s The Wii’s Crysis 2 and it’s Looking Good

While the first Conduit wasn’t something to brag about, Conduit 2 is not looking bad at all, graphically, it has to be pushing the Wii to its limits. The gameplay is looking smooth, and the complete action within the game appears to be a complete destruction, mayhem, a Crysis!

We just received the first ever Conduit 2 trailer from Sega and I gotta tell you, this trailer is looking like Crysys 2 on the Wii. At first view of the trailer, I noticed that it had a very distinctive Halo feel followed by a complete destruction feel, that can only be compared to Crysis 2. I’m also loving the local multiplayer, it takes me back to the good old days of Golden Eye on the N64. Check out the trailer, tell me you don’t think this shit is pretty hot. I personally don’t think the screenshots are doing the game any justice after watching the trailer.

  • Illmatic

    Damn i wanna play this, hopefully its better than the first