Official PS3 Surround Sound System Looking Sexy

Sony has released the official PS3 All-in-one Surround system and that thing is looking very sexy and surprisingly affordable. The All-in-One system comes with only one speaker using 4 different sound fields and 2 modes for the optimal gaming experience. It works similar to Bose systems, but much cheaper, so you know it’s should be, chiquito, pero picoso–(little but Hot!) It’s still a 2.1 system, but it does use the S-Force technology which creates the equivalent of a surround sound system, supporting DTS, Dolby Digital, MPEG-2 AAC, Linear PCM (2ch).

The unit is available via Amazon PS3 Surround Sound System for $179.99

Check out the specs below:

Key Features

# Proprietary S-Force technology creates the equivalent of a surround sound system
# Four sound fields (standard, stereo, vivid, dynamic) and two sound modes (night, dialog) designed specifically for gaming
# 2.1 channels
# Integrated subwoofer for added convenience
# Sleek and compact design matching PS3 system aesthetics

Sound Fields
# Dynamic: Delivers tones in a wide spectrum of frequencies from low to high creating a more dynamic sound experience.
# Standard: Calibrates game audio to match the sound quality originally defined.
# Vivid: Provides the most wide range of sounds while enhancing the surround channels.
# Stereo: Designed for games which utilize 2-channel stereo sound.

Sound Modes
# Night: This feature allows users to hear sounds clearly at low volume levels
# Dialog: This feature provides greater clarity for speech and narration in games and movies.

Inputs and Outputs
# Analog Audio Input: 1
# Optical Audio Input: 1

Audio Power Specifications
# Power Output: 50W
# L/R: 10W/10W
# Subwoofer: 30W
# Digital Amplifier: Yes

Power requirements:
# 18V DC (100V – 240V AC using the supplied AC power cord)

Power Consumption:

# In standby mode: 0.5W or less

Audio Formats Supported:
# Dolby® Digital
# Linear PCM (2ch)*