The tK Show #7 Under Pressure


the tK show is back again with another show. In episode 7 we discuss:
the next two new Halo trilogies
Panasonic attempting to rule the handheld market
the next installment in the StarCraft 2 trilogy, and the upcoming patch
we question Julio’s sexuality
all that and much more!

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  • Good show, you can definitely hear the difference in audio quality this time around. Although still yeti-less, Crazyjulious still sounded decent.

    I heard both fart segments, pretty crunchy to say the least.

    About the whole gay marriage thing, I believe it’s legal in Texas, so Julio, you are ok to wed with no issues there.

    And Panasonic’s thing is definitely a publicity stunt. They have something bigger in the works, you watch..

    This show seriously reminds me of Techquila 2007 starring Desz and Filty.

  • Illmatic

    Thanks, ill let julio know. Maybe him and Denoch can meet jk

  • Corey

    hey id like to submit a review and resume ive wrote up. can you guys please contact me so i can do so? Thanks for the time