Civilization V PC Review

This is my first time playing a turn by turn game, and also the first time playing a Civ game. Going right into the game I was a little overwhelmed by the whole outlook of the game. There was just tons of stuff you could do with your nation. There was a bit of a learning curve. A learning curve that was worth the time once I got into the game. The game was huge and the level of detail in the decision making was phenomenal.

There was no particular campaign and no definite storyline. It’s a single player that lets you start your nation from scratch and has you do what you please with them. It is very entertaining to see the different characters from the different races. They act so stereotypical and iconic. Napoleon seems so lay back and very confident just like I would expect him to be. And the barbarians are of course, barbaric. It is a turn by turn based, which works well for this game since there are so many decisions you can make. Sometimes I would just ponder at the techtree and wonder what was the best way to go with my civilization. I soon found out that there wasn’t any particular perfect way to go about it, since the AI does an excellent job at adapting to what you are doing.

During my first game I waged war on the French and Aztecs right off the bat. I was just curious (curiosity killed the cat, and me too). They both ended up allying each other. They both attacked me very strategically where I couldn’t retreat in any effective way. They drove me back to my original encampment. I survived. It was funny because as soon as that battle was over they offered my peace, but with a price. They wanted 400 gold units which was all I had at the time. I decided to live by the sword and fight to the death. They had a pretty good lead on me, which helped them drive me back continuously. I finally got overrun.

On another game I was more diplomatic. I didn’t wage war on everyone I met. I expanded rapidly and emphasized on science and military (just in case). I tried to make allies but it wasn’t as useful as I thought it would be. I had to give them gifts and gold to keep them happy. Investing on own stuff made more sense. I got a whole lot farther this way. I did find other races were a little too aggressive at times which made me militarize faster than I would have licked.

You can take your race in any direction you want. You can go full military or invest in science, agriculture, building, masonry, religion, etc. Or in combination, which is ideal. Any particular trait has its own advantages. Having this level of customization truly adds to the replay ability of the game. You won’t have the same experience twice.

The dashboard was a little intimidating when I first started playing. There is a learning curve that might be a little intimidating to new comers like myself. But once you get used to it, it’s great. Works well for the style of the game. The controls on the dash are comprehensive. The game reminds you of stuff that is pending with advisors. They are very helpful.

The graphics were good but not great. This is really not that big of an issue because this game doesn’t focus on graphics at all. Where the graphics do shine is when you see characters up close when you’re talking to them. I particularly liked Montezuma, his eyes wide open looking at you with mistrust. Water effects were very crisp too.

Voice acting was very good. The voices matched the characters very well. The in-game music wasn’t as good as I would have hoped though. It was a little too mellow, would have liked it a little more aggressive. Just a personal preference though.

This is a great game that is hard to make better. It would be nice if the multiplayer was a little deeper. It’s actually almost non-existent. The multiplayer is not convenient since it takes so long to finish a particular game. Not many people online either at time of review. But single player replay ability surely makes up for it.

Final Thoughts
This game has a steep learning curve that will throw some new comers off. If you are into strategic gameplay this is an awesome game. It has strong replay ability since there are 18 races to choose from and each campaign will never be the same as the one before. There are so many different paths you can take while growing any particular civilization. This makes the single player extremely deep (up to you). The multiplayer is sort of a waste of disk space but single player certainly makes up for it.

Rating:4 Michelas out of 5 (4 Michelas? What does this mean?) 4 Michelas is like drinking 4 of your favorite drinks, you are feeling amazing and socializing with everybody in your group. You are at the peek of your buzz and only 1 michela away from Perfection.

Developer: Firaxis Games
MSRP: $49.99

Computer Specs: Core2Duo E8400 3.6OC , 4gig DDR2 of ram at 800mhz, GTX 275, WD Caviar Black 640gig. I felt the computer was more than capable at running this game at highest settings. I saw no lag at all. I averaged 75fps at a 1920×1200 resolution. I recomment a CoreDuo and a 8800GT atleast, to run the game well.

  • Great Review Crazyjulious! I have a feeling that I would love this game if I had the time. I was addicted to an old school version of this back in 2003, but I can’t remember the name. I played it in between calls when I worked for this call center. Anyways, I really want to know, if there was a a nation of all girls? Does it get so deep , that you can fall in love during battle and secretly jump in the window of your lover’s home and make sweet love to her? Just curious, because that would be cool. Kind of like the movie Patriot, or Troy.