Are You Ready For Fallout: New Vegas?

If you have been patiently waiting for Fallout: New Vegas, but would love to get an early and last minute look at what the game will offer before its release–look no further. Best Buy will be hosting a Live Fallout New Vegas *Developers Chat* on Thursday, October 14, 2010 7pm EST- 4pm PST to show off the game as well as take gamers’ questions, yes I said Best Buy. So what should you expect? Well, how about this:

Best Buy, Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment will be hosting a live video stream of Fallout New Vegas before the it hits store shelves on October 19th. Video game columnist Michael Thomsen will chop it up with Fallout New Vegas Project Director Josh Sawyer in the Live at Best Buy living room for this live streaming video event. They will be showing off some great footage of Sin City’s post-apocalyptic tourist attractions to showcase the various environments, allies, enemies and weapons that gamers will come across in New Vegas. The event seems to be completely covered with an additional Emcee Emily Chang taking questions from Best Buy customers to get answers straight from the developers. Dope stuff, looks like Best Buy may have some crazy release party as well.

You can catch the Live Stream right at

  • Submit your questions for Bethesda Project Director Josh Sawyer here! I’ll swing by at 11 AM tomorrow to collect and forward them to the event coordinators. Then tune in to this Thursday, October 14 at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT to watch the event – you might even hear your question asked… 🙂

  • Denoch

    When i played the previous Fallout and was roaming the wasteland, i always like to hear different kinds of radio stations, one in particular Three Dog , he would speak of the Hero and such. I also liked the music that was played. With a new city and all, will we still hear someone with a personality on the radio? and will the music be similar or is it going to be switch up a little bit?

    Previous Fallout, 3rd person view seemed like it was implemented on the last minute or there wasn’t enough time spent on it, on Vegas will there still be a 3 person mode and if so will it be better?

    How will the Vegas story tie in with Fallout 3? is just another chapter, different city same scenario?

    Will there be voiced dialogue for the main character?

    How big is the map this time around?

    Any new weapons?

    Any new radioactive enemies?

  • Steve

    what came to your mind when you found out you had the opportunity to revisit a franchise with which you had such strong emotional attachment to?

  • Any chance the game might get 3D support? With an open world like Vegas, it would be amazing to see it all in 3D.

  • Can you give us a hint about any of the extras or downloadable content that will be following the release?