PopCap Collection PC Reviews

PopCap has come out with a lot of fun and entertaining games for a very long time. For this review I will go over just a few of the many games PopCap has to offer.


Peggle Nights

Gameplay: The gameplay in Peggle and Peggle Nights is simple yet extremely addictive. The object of the game is eliminate all of the orange pegs on the screen. As you progress through the game you unlock different characters, all who have their own perks to help you eliminate the orange pegs. Upon completing a level you are greeted with a very large bright rainbow animation with “Ode To Joy” playing in the background. Peggle Nights is more of an expansion pack to the original Peggle because there aren’t really any changes made, just more levels added ,which of course is always a good thing. Peggle and Peggle Nights is a perfect example of a pick up and play type of game.

Graphics: Peggle and Peggle Nights have a lot of vibrant colors and really smooth textures. While these games don’t push the boundaries graphically they really do look nice.

Sound: The sounds in Peggle and Peggle Nights are extremely repetitive. However even after hearing the same songs and sounds over and over for some reason they just never get old.

Rating: I give these two games a 4 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Plants vs Zombies

Gameplay: Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense type of game. The object of the game is to protect your house from an oncoming wave of flesh eating zombies. The major thing that makes this game so unique to other tower defense games is your weapons. Rather than using the traditional missile launcher or turret gun to protect your base you use pea shooters and other types of plants. As you progress through the game you unlock more and more plants to add to your arsenal. There are various mini-games, such as zombie bowling spread evenly throughout the game. Plants vs Zombies is a fairly easy game to understand but still manages to be a challenging game, in a good way.

Graphics: The graphics in Plants vs Zombies are cartoon looking, but dont let that discourage you from playing it. Even though the graphics are fairly simple, they are done quite well. There is a huge assortment of zombie character models so you wont get bored at looking at the same old zombies.

Sound: The music in Plants vs Zombies is very catchy, much like all PopCap games. As the zombies fill the screen the music get more and more suspenseful, adding to the zombie theme. The sounds fx can get a little repetitive but it really didn’t bother me.

Rating: I give Plants vs Zombies a 4 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Bejeweled Blitz

Gameplay: Bejeweled Blitz is a 2D puzzle game. The game is presented using a 2D grid. The main objective of Bejeweled Blitz is to match 3 or more of the same color pieces together. You are timed in this game so you have to have a quick eye and good reaction time. You can swap pieces to move them around by clicking on the piece you want switch and then clicking in the spot where you want it to go. You earn certain power-ups by matching more than 3 pieces together. For example, if you match 4 pieces you unlock a power gem, which creates an explosive gem. Gameplay can get tedious really fast if your not a puzzle game type of person.

Graphics: The graphics in Bejeweled Blitz define the word boring. They are the most uninspired graphics I have ever seen, but like all PopCap games they are nice and shiny with plenty of polish.

Sound: I’ll be honest, for a PopCap game the sound fx in this game suck. The only good sound that comes from this game is the sound of the announcer saying “Times Up”, which lets you know you can stop playing Bejeweled Blitz and go play a real game.

Rating: I give this game a 3 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Bookworm Adventures

Gameplay: The gameplay is Bookworm Adventures is quite unique. Your main character is a worm who has to string together words from a grid of letters. The games big twist is that you are stringing these words together to defeat enemies, it almost has an RPG feel to it. Your enemies have a certain amount of health indicated by hearts. Obviously the bigger the word you make, the more damage you do to your enemy.

Graphics: The graphics are decent, these aren’t PopCap’s best graphics. The character models of the enemies look like they belong in a Final Fantasy game. There are a few nice animations when you attack your enemy.

Sound: The sound in Bookworm Adventures seems to go hand in hand with the gameplay. The background music is your typical RPG tune. One thing I want to comment is the announcers voice in the game, it doesn’t fit this game well at all. The announcers voice sounds like it belongs in an arcade fighting game.

Rating: I give this game a 3 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Zumas Revenge

Gameplay: Zumas Revenge is a fast paced puzzle game in which you must eliminate all of the stones before they hit the end zone. You control a stone shooter that can shoot in any direction, 360 degrees. As the game progresses the stones rate at which they move gets faster. There are bonus stones on the map that help you eliminate the other stones. Some of these bonus stones include stones that blow up all the stones around them, there is also a stone that freezes gameplay for a short period of time.

Graphics: The graphics in Zumas Revenge are done well. The game has a jungle/temple theme, so their is a huge assortment of colors on the screen at one time. The animations are done nice, and the stones are nice and shiny.

Sound: The music in Zumas Revenge fits the mood of the game. Its a mix between tribal drums and ambient noises. The sound fx in the game sound very arcade-ish, which is not a bad thing for this game.

Rating: I give this game a 3.5 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Final Thoughts: This is a great collection of games if you are looking for fast, pick up and play games. The pricing on some of these games don’t justify a purchase, as they seem like they should be free browser based games. I found that Peggle and Plants vs Zombies were the best in this collection. Plants vs Zombies and Peggle offer a ton of replayability, while the other games might having you leaving the game after a few hours of play time.

Developer: PopCap
Website: www.popcap.com


Peggle & Peggle Nights: $19.95 each
Plants vs Zombies: $19.95
Bejeweled Blitz: Free Browser Based
Bookworm Adventures: $19.95
Zumas Revenge: $19.95

  • All highly addictive and excellent titles here. Just didnt want to spend extra money for Peggle Nights on XBLA. Might get it someday, just not right now.

  • I’m totally addicted to PvZ on iPhone, but I haven’t played it (or any of these) on PC. Is there enough extra content to make it worth buying again?

  • Illmatic

    They left out a few modes in the iPhone version, but then again the iphone version is very inexpensive. Id skip the PC version if you have the iphone version