It’s Official, God of War III Breaks 3 Million World Wide

In just 7 months, God of War III has official broken the 3 million sales mark. With the holidays closing in, there shouldn’t be a doubt that the game will get an additional spike is sales as well. Now, if Sony only decided to release A God of War III PS3 bundle.

Wouldn’t this be a cool PS3 to own?

Sales chart numbers provided by VGChartz

  • Magneto

    Yup, GOW 3 is amazing, it’s graphics make the 360 look like baked horse crap.

    Just another reason why Sony continues to dominate the hardcore space with AAA games.

  • tarbis

    They should really put Ghost of Sparta in the PS3 using the GOW3 engine.

  • Yes I’d love to own that PS3 but are those water droplets on it?? How irresponsible 😛

    • Jacob

      I actually own that PS3…. I have pics to prove it and I’m one of 20 ultimate God of War fans tha got there names in the credits for the un earthing the legends DL off of the PSN.

      • Jacob

        They actually made two of these. One was giving away as a sweepstakes winner for Gamestop and the Other was giving away at a contest that Sony held which looks like the guy below this post one.

  • That’s actually MY PS3. Those are my tennis shoes in the top of the shot. Don’t believe me? Does this convince you?

    How about this one?

    • Say what? Is that Pitbull? Damn Dawg, that’s pretty cool. Do you still have it?

    • Oh snap I thought you were clownin on Jacob but then I clicked your Twitter… nice dude, and congrats on winning LTS 😀

  • truthhurts

    Wow after 5 months? Sony really need a first day million dollar selling ip, or its gonna be game over.

    • Butthurt 360 Fanboy

      Well at least Sony HAVE exclusive IP’s. Which is more than can be said for the RROD – Box 360.

      Sony have had exclusive games coming out their ears both last year and this year and they have a plethora more lined up for next year as well. In that same time frame Microsoft have had nothing but Gears Of Bad Graphics and Galo.

      Sony don’t only have the most games but they also have the best ones, like GOTY winning Uncharted 2 which made every 360 exclusive look like crap by comparison. It wasn’t even a hard decision to name U2 the GOTY, because the 360 games are all a joke with no graphics they got laughed out of the building.

      Microsoft need some GOTY winning games soon or it’s gonna be game over, scratch that, I think it already is.

  • LoL. Sony is so genius. Advertise just a bit and make HUGE profits off every sale.

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