U-Verse on Xbox 360 Gives Microsoft the Edge over Sony’s PS3

According to information received from an anonymous tipster over at Engadget, the Xbox 360 will once again beat the PS3 to the punch and gain more functionality as gamers will finally be able to enjoy AT&T U-Verse high definition content on their consoles November 7th. This will allow the Xbox 360 to function as a set-top box for the cable service and all AT&T U-Verse consumers should receive more information about it next Sunday.

Consequently Microsoft rolled out the new Xbox 360 firmware in betas to selective people in preparation for the release of Kinect. The new dashboard is completely restyled to work seamlessly with both voice activated prompts and motion gestures with Kinect. According the Engadget article, a link will appear on the new dashboard which will activate the U-Verse functionality. There are currently no details about possible recording functions.

This comes as a serious blow to Sony and the PS3 as their slogan “It Only Does Everything” seems to more accurately describe their competition now. Many tech heads actually view the Xbox 360 as the ultimate home media device despite its lack of Blu-Ray support already. And recent statistics reflect that the PS3 is fast losing ground as the best selling Blu-Ray device with prices on competitors’ products expected to dip below $100 during the holidays.

Could it be possible that Sony’s hesitance to push forward with their technology and form advantageous partnerships with platforms such as Google TV or ESPN 3 be their very undoing? All Sony’s clever marketing and finger-pointing could be all for nothing as Microsoft looks to lower the hammer.

Xbox Live, Kinect, all 3 sources of ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HD video chat, on-the-fly transcoding, and their own instant streaming Marketplace coupled with Windows 7 phone interconnectivity… Should Sony be worried? Will this force Sony to drop the price of all their bundles as the Xbox 360 appears to be the better value? Maybe Sony has a few things to reveal that will level the playing field but for now, who will pay more money for less functionality? Even common sense evinces why the Xbox 360 could once again be the console of choice this holiday.

LINKS: AT&T U-verse customers can use Xbox 360 as a set-top box starting November 7th

  • John

    Fucking PS3 fanboys never seize to amaze me. Has it ever crossed your idiotic minds that maybe Microsoft may be doing some things a little better than Sony whether you accept it or not?. Did you honestly think that whatever Microsoft incorporates into their console should only apply to your precious PS3?, that’s really selfish. You can’t expect Sony to have everything and leave 360 with nothing. It’s called competition but I guess thats a language you fuck tards cannot comprehend.

    You laugh and make fun of 360 owners because you know you have more exclusives. You also have Blu-ray, Isn’t that enough?. Can’t we 360 owners read an article without your constant whining and bickering?. All this hatred towards the 360 really shows how ignorant PS3 fanboys really are.

    True gamers don’t talk trash about eachothers consoles. They talk about games, end of story.