Mass Effect 2 Continues To Lose Its 360 Value, Yet a Strong GOTY Contender

I don’t think I have seen another Game of the Year contender in 2010 lose it’s value as fast as Mass Effect 2 has. The game is quite possibly leading the pack for GOTY prospects, yet, the game has quickly hit under $20 in several online retailer stores. The funny thing about this, is that the PS3 version of the game, is listed at $59.96 with the additional content. Mass Effect 2 has sold over 2 million copies world wide on the Xbox 360, did it max out in sales?

Regardless of the of financial state of Mass Effect 2, gamers are benefiting from these low prices. Amazon currently has Mass Effect 2 Listed for only $17.96, seriously that is the deal of the year.

It’s just funny to see a game that good, drop in price so soon. Take Uncharted 2 for example, the game is finally getting a GOTY edition for $49.99 on October 12–over a year after it’s release, and Mass Effect 2 has only been out 6 months and can be found for under $18? It seems as if there is no effort what so ever from the publisher to throw in a little something extra with the game, like Mass Effect 1 perhaps, or the additional DLC for maybe $49.99. It simply feels like they have given up on this triple A title.

  • Man I can’t wait for this on PS3. I bought a copy for my wife on the Xbox 360 but you I’ll wait to get my trophy fix on this one.

  • Economist

    We are seeing this more and more just lately. I bought Resident Evil Gold edition (with all the DLC on the disc) for £12.95 brand new two weeks ago.

    Because of the stiff competition in the high street games sector, and with overall software sales down about 8% year-on-year, and of course the recession biting everyone’s wallets, what you are seeing is capitalism at it’s purest.

    For this entire gen (the $70 gen) I’ve been saying games are too expensive. And now, with alternatives such a Apple’s app store showing that you can get great games for just a few bucks, the markets are proving this to be true. It’s no coincidence that Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 Case Zero just broke all of Microsoft’s Marketplace sales records with a price of just 400 msp.

    $18 for a triple-A game sounds like a bargain against that $60-70 RRP but maybe it’s actually a fairer reflection of what consumers think to be a reasonable price for a luxury such as entertainment in these tough times.

    I always say that if new games were released at half the price they would sell MORE than twice the volume. Publishers could then capitalise on increased DLC sales.

    With Installed userbases of over 40 million each it’s about time Microsoft and Sony brought down their prices across the board and let capitalism do it’s thing. When DVD launched as a movie medium films cost about £20 in the high street but since mass market saturation you can now buy new releases for £10. Why doesn’t this happen with games?

    Fire-sales such as this Mass Effect one prove that publishers have pushed the boat out a bit too far, and consumers recognise that games, even the very best ones, simply aren’t worth £60.

    • Great points Economist!