Is October The Month To Become a PSN Plus Subscriber?

Looks like being a PSN Plus subscriber might have just paid off for the month of October. Sony is coming with the heat this month. Not only do PSN subscribers get early access to the Killzone 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Beta, but Sony may also have something up their sleeve to make the subscription worth while. Is October the month to finally go Plus?

Along with having early access to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood starting today and open to all PSN Plus subscribers, Sony has also announced that a selected number of PSN Plus subscribers will also be eligible to participate in the upcoming Killzone 3 Beta on October 25th which you can find the details right here. But that’s not all, Sony has teased on something big coming in November which they can’t talk about just yet, PS3Center reports that James Gallagher, blog manager at SCEE stated the following after a user asked a question about some changes in game access this October:

“There’s actually something really cool lined up for November that we’re not allowed to talk about just yet – you’ll realize why when it happens.”

Many gamers are expecting something with Gran Turismo or Little Big Planet 2, but there wouldn’t be no surprise if Sony announces something along the lines of The Last Guardian early demo, or perhaps something new. Regardless of the game or feature coming to PSN Plus subscribers in the next coming months, one thing is sure; Sony is ready to really prove and show why you signed up for a PSN Plus subscription.

Sounds like October may be the month to jump on Plus, and be ready to get exclusive content in the next coming months. Does $49.99 sound like the right price now? Will you subscribe to PSN plus now that Sony seems to be delivering more exclusive content and early access to betas?

  • I’m loving it man! PSN Plus…glad I signed up for 13 months. Let the Assassins Creed Brotherhood download begin. Just got a boost in my Internet speed so this should be good!

  • Glenn

    God if your there please let it be cross game chat.

  • Mark

    No actually, its the first “x-amount” of ppl that download some stupid theme get in, everyone else is f**ked.

  • i wouldn’t get my hopes up yet:/

  • poppatron

    i’ve got a 360, but i defo think now’s the time to get involved with the ps3, had all 3 consoles last gen and intend to do the same this time around, but seriously guys, as much as cross game chat sounds good and has been a niggling point since launch, its really really not that important, i think you’ll all be surprised just how little you use it, there are other more important features and all around general functionality that make live such a good service, i think psn is just a different beast all together and has its own merits, the chance to get involved in early betas is exciting but im still in two minds whether ill subscribe to psn+ or not. i think what you get for free is good enough for now. anyway i started writing this to say i would bet money on there being absolutely no way what so ever that any one’ll get the mega treat that is the last guardian anytime soon. lbp2 sounds much more realistic to me, which to be fair is still pretty awesome, woo!

    • I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. LoL. You’ll probably end up going back and forth just like everybody else here…except me of course.