Incredible Dual Shock 3 Killzone 2 Bundle Deal

But that’s not all, in addition to Killzone 2; Infamous, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet and God of War Collection are also games you can select for this bundle, and get this, under $50! Better hurry!

Walmart is currently offering an exclusive deal on some triple A PS3 games and a dual shock controller bundle for only $49. That’s like paying $20 for a brand new dual shock 3, incredible deal!

  • tootie

    If they were going to patch it for the move and they were bundling in a move controller with it then this would be a great deal but since its just a duelshock 3 and the game i really don’t see it selling that well.

  • Jhon C

    It would be very nice to have this pakaged with a move controller and move support. I already have a duelshock and killzone would be better to play with a move controller anyway.