Will Sony Announce Google TV For PS3 OCT 12th?

Yesterday the first official Google TV site launched and no doubt left a permanent time stamp in history as apps officially make their way to televisions. Several applications such as CNBC Real-Time, Napster, NBA Game Time, Netflix, and Pandora are all shown working on Google TV devices with many more apps to follow very soon. One of the most desired would of course be Hulu Plus but at the moment, no details have surfaced.

However, Hulu Plus and Netflix functionality are already on the PS3. Strangely enough Sony promised PS3 owners disc-less based Netflix streaming by the end of October. Is this a coincidence or does Sony have something up their sleeve?

Many PS3 owners have complained about the current Netflix application along with the lackluster built-in browser and the fact that SCEA has failed to release a TV tuner device for the United States. But when you look at the actual features of Google TV, each one of those issues can be easily addressed by adding Google TV to the PS3. Netflix instantly becomes disc-less. Google Chrome replaces or becomes an additional option to the built-in PS3 browser. Sony no longer needs a TV tuner device for US customers because of their numerous streaming options, yet they could introduce tuner hardware October 12th that will integrate your cable or satellite subscription with all the other media options on Google TV.

Surely Google would have no objection to a potential 38 million plus console owners adopting Google TV. This would give them a potential base to compete with Apple in the future.

But what about Sony? Are they willing to take the gamble and change the dynamics of the XMB to accommodate another operating system?

Why not? They gave consumers the ability to install other operating systems until unsavory characters abused the privilege. Not only will this be a huge boon to their customers as many will no doubt upgrade their PS3s, but many more will buy entirely new consoles to get Google TV functionality.

With the addition of Google TV, comes additional value to the PS3. Value they can use to squash all the hype surrounding Microsoft’s new programs like ESPN 3 on Xbox Live. Sony gives you Google TV and all you have to pay for is the hardware while Microsoft charges you $60 a year for less functionality. Then again, Sony could choose to include Google TV in their PSN Plus package and share some of that revenue with its supporting cast.

Either way, Google and Sony would be a partnership that few could rival and a value that is impossible to top. Think of all the voice activated apps on Android that could be used on the PS3 with the camera mic or via Bluetooth. The synergy between Google TV, Android, and the PS3 is something both companies could build upon for years to come.

On October 12th, perhaps Sony’s PS3 slogan becomes irrefutably true: “It only does everything.”

  • I had a feeling this would happen. Not that we are sure yet, but it makes complete sense. I predicted Google chrome would come to PS3 this year, and your point nails it litigator. You are right, Sony’s XMB is in the back seat right now, and this would completely revamp the PS3’s dashboard alon with adding something we have all been waiting for..cross game chat. How? Well how about using a third party app to cross game chat and it is all thanks to Google TV. Expect apps that allow the PS3 to interact with other Sony software. Much like when you get a permission prompt when trying to link your twitter account to facebook. I hope this is true, because it makes sense.

  • Eddie H

    It Only Does Everything”

    Except ordering pizza, or any other food delivery service, can do video conferencing, but, not phone calls, (MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE, is the darn browser.

    It would be sweet, and a little expensive, but, if they choose to, they can really make the Playstation Plus so much better for $99 a year.

    For that $99 a year, you get the following:
    1. All the current PS Plus benefits now, (Monthly Qore episodes, avatars, themes, beta access early demo access and so on)

    NOW, add-in to the subscription:

    1. 50GB’s of Cloud Storage specifically for the TV shows you rent/buy/own via DVR storage for Hulu and/or Google TV

    2. Hulu Plus (which I was invited into: $9.99 a month)
    3. Google TV & Google Chrome Browser

    4. Access to related “Delivery web sites” in your area via deals with certain brands and web sites who specialize in that field.
    (Once you login, these options find you via zip code, and appear in a NEW column on the XMB)

    5. Game or Beta Test invites from various publishers who send Invitation emails to your PSN Account (Last week I got a invite to play against the creators of Dead Alive 3 in Multi Player , which was sent to my Reg. email address. Now having those types of email sent to my PSN account, would make it easier to locate, and then I wouldn’t have to check my PC for those types of emails.

    6. Monthly/weekly/daily Contests specifically for only us PS Plus owners since we are already are registered, this way it gives us incentives to join, and not having to login online via PC/Desktop, just to register for said contests.

    There are more ideas, but I gotta go get dinner.. Rats, if I could only access something like that, on my PS3, so that way, I go to the XMB Delivery, see who’s in my area/zip code, I click on it, which lets me access the LIVE CHAT/ORDER feature, and I can either talk to someone via chat, and/or dial them up using SKYPE, right from my XMB.

    There are countless ways to utilize certain programs, features and so forth that the PS3 does NOT do…..yet!

    If you like my thoughts/ideas, by all means let us know. And if you have other ideas that can be added to my list, by all means, please do!

  • joostin

    ummm…pretty sure disc-less Netflix streaming is already here. With the latest firmware update…3.50 I think, Netflix is an icon right on the XMB under Video. This may be North America only as I am in Canada, but if you are hoping this ties into the GoogleTV announcement or rumoured announcement, then you shouldn’t hold your breath. Netflix does stream right from the XMB without a disc already.

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  • @joostin

    Disc-less Netflix is Canada only at the moment.

  • Sony Bring Google TV To Every PSN PS3 Users Because Not Everybody Got A PS Plus Subscripscrion And Everyone Wants It

  • iCruiz

    I wish this was available for use on PS3, but I guess Sony wouldn’t make any more money.