How Google TV Can Finally Bring Cross Game Chat to the PS3

With Google TV recently announcing apps such as Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora and many more, this opens the doors for many other third party applications that would give the PlayStation 3 the cross game chat support we have all been waiting for. Whether it’s Google Voice or Skype, face to face chat or good old voice chat, the possibilities are endless.

There is not doubt that Sony has been working on different options to bring cross game chat to the PS3 for some time now, and the biggest issues that may have been putting this feature on hold could very well be the bandwidth concerns. But all this can be solved with Google TV.

For example, Google Voice or Skype used as an app via Google TV and Sony’s XMB would work together and give gamers the option to video chat, voice chat, or even have conference calls. Right now it is definitely far from clear what app Google and Sony would go with, but the concept is there, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Much like applications work when you give your twitter account permission to connect to your facebook account, this is pretty much how this concept might work. We have seen videos of Sony talking about; face to face cross game chat on the PS3 for some time now, and this now makes complete sense and also eliminates Sony’s bandwidth issues while shining a light on the feature that PS3 gamers have been waiting for since day one. Much like TQ-litigators states in his article – “Google and Sony would be a partnership that few could rival and a value that is impossible to top. Think of all the voice activated apps on Android that could be used on the PS3 with the camera mic or via Bluetooth

The PS3 is advanced and Sony has been holding off for a reason and this can very well be the reason why. Be on the look out, Sony may have their own Google TV application ready to be revealed soon or perhaps an exclusive Google Voice PS3 version.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I would very much welcome any type of voice chat feature on PS3 that allows cross game chat. In fact, this would open up cross platform chat as you could talk on Skype to people on cell phones, Macs, or PCs.

    Man what a huge boon that would be to the PS3.

  • Kris

    How does using “Google Voice or Skype as an app together with Google TV and the XMB” alleviate the bandwidth concerns you mentioned earlier in the article? Ya know, I hear a very little about cross game chat among my group of PS3 friends. I have never used it on XBOX Live either. Why? Because I dont need to be talking to friends playing Uncharted when Im playing CoD or BF:2. Its that simple. Yes, having a chat feature for a party when outside a game sound great, but cross game chat? Sorry, I guess you social butterflys will have to suffer while the rest of us play games. If you NEED to talk to that friend so badly, use this magical invention called the phone. Its really easy to use.

  • RuddigerPez

    Kris: When they say “alleviate server bandwidth concerns” they are saying alleviating the game servers, i.e. Sony’s servers, that are hosting or co-ordinating the games. If its native Sony X-game chat, all of that bandwidth traffic would need to go through their servers before getting to the friend you are talking to. As I believe Sony has many different server banks and methods of connecting gamers in multiplayer, this causes a logistics problem too, as which server should host the chat when gamers play differing games? Google Voice would be its own self contained system and as long as it runs in the background it can connect gamers across games. Of course this doesn’t alleviate the gamers personal bandwidth, as voice and game data still need to go out and back in. As for whether it is necessary…Its a judgement call really but I think the majority of gamers would find some use for it, social butterfly or not. I would, as I have a cell phone with limited minutes and don’t want to be using up all those minutes BSing with a buddy during a marathon gaming session.