OnLive Drops Monthly Fees, Will You Sign Up Now?

Forget upgrading you PC every 6 months, OnLive just made it easier to get on the PC gaming wagon without monthly fees! The previous monthly OnLive fee of $14.95 is now history. Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive had this to say about the change of plans:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the OnLive Game Service without a base monthly fee on an ongoing basis,” … “There is no precedent for OnLive, so we had to grow to a large number of active users in order to assess usage patterns and operating costs. We’ve arrived at that stage, and as we had hoped, we are able to operate OnLive without charging a fee for access.”

It’s good to know that OnLive figured out what gamers want. In these hard economic times, the last thing we want, is another monthly fee on top of buying new games. Demos are free to try while full games range from from $9.99 to 49.99 for a full play pass, meaning you can play it all you want, in addition, some games do have a 5 day pass for $6.99.

My only concern with this, would be the companies future, what happens if you buy all these games then OnLive goes out of business? The idea is great, I have always said that this is the future of gaming however, the pricing of video games in general really has to come down soon. That goes for consoles, PC games, and Cloud gaming services like OnLive. $29.99 games is the sweet spot.

Gamers can get a free access pass without having to input a credit card number before signing up. check out the OnLive site right here.

For those new to Onlive, check out this OnLive 411 on our forums.

  • Jamie

    I think a weekly/monthly or yearly pass to play any game you want would be the real seller for this.

    • Good point, I agree. Much like Gamefly, charges us to rent the game, not to buy the game. I mean they can have that option, but their business would do so much better if they implemented a weekly/monthly charge that gave you access to as many game as you wanted like you stated.