Lucha Libre Masks Labeled as Dangerous Gaming Pre-Order Gifts. WTF?

A traditional and sacred article of clothing worn by luchadores and recognized throughout the world as a symbol of honor and strength has been declined as a Video Game Pre-order gift. Yes, the popular Lucha Libre Masks are no longer part of the LUCHA LIBRE AAA: HEROES DEL RING pre-order bonus, thanks to the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008). Are they crazy? Then they wonder why shit get’s smuggled into the US.

Apparently, the masks failed to pass health tests, and have been canceled in US and Canada. Slang (publishers of the upcoming LUCHA LIBRE AAA: HEROES DEL RING) had this to say:

“Rather than post a warning sign on the official AAA mask, we have decided to cancel the mask pre-order gift with purchase because we could not in good conscious distribute them to consumers due to the potential health risk. We were excited to provide fans who pre-ordered Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring with a taste of the history and culture of Lucha Libre,”

Slang is currently working on replacing the Lucha Libre masks with something more safe. Come on — what is more Lucha Libre and safe than a Luchador mask? Perhaps a Luchador Ring made out of Nails? I owned plenty of those as a kid.

Yes, those are nails covered in straws. Click on image to enlarge.

Much love to Slang for trying to push this pre-order gift, hopefully we get something just as traditional. And for the record, Luchador Masks are the safest items a Luchador can wear, heck it even secures identities, so CPSIA, eat a dick!

  • Marc V

    Damn that sucks. I was considering buying this game cause of the mask. Hopefully the pre order bonus will come with that luchador chick at the end of the review 🙂

  • Steve519

    Damn Juice looks sexy there!

    • haha I wish that were Juice, I would be on him 24/7. That’s Juice’s side chick.