Amazon Slashes the Price on the Greatest Gaming Console

For those who have yet to pick up the greatest console of all time, yes I’m talking about the Sega Dreamcast! You will be happy to know that Amazon has slashed the price of a brand new Sega Dreamcast. That’s right, no need to rush to your local gamestop for this deal. Amazon has made it easy and now, more affordable to own the greatest gaming console known to man.

Get a brand new Sega Dreamcast for only $75 with free shipping from Amazon today! Now, if that isn’t a deal to you, I don’t know what is. For all the little homies that have no idea what a Sega Dreamcast is, do yourselves a favor and drop what you are doing and read about the greatest gaming console to ever exist. Dreamcast people where you at?

Sega Dreamcast Console

  • So did this affiliate blog post work out for you sales wise?

  • zero

    The Dreamcast is an amazing console indeed. But $75 for a “new” one that isn’t new is quite far from a deal. It’s a joke, actually.

  • I loved the dreamcast!! I still have mine. It was better than the PS2. I know many might not thing so but who cares. I feel the PS2 was over rated