5 Games that Show off the PS3’s Graphical Power

Gran Turismo 5 is just 1 month away from making gaming history. The game has been called the best looking game of 2010 before its release, while some have even gone as far as to claim it, the “best looking game ever”. But, before Gran Turismo 5 releases, let’s look at 5 PS3 games currently out, that have showed the world, what the PlayStation 3 can do graphically. Feel the Power! The Best Looking PS3 Games out right now, are…

5. Heavy Rain

First of All, Heavy Rain has hands down, the best looking water seen in any game period. The game’s graphics really shine, especially when it comes to the character’s facial physics. Heavy Rain used advanced skin shaders, and some advanced rendering features, such as depth of field, spherical harmonics, auto exposure and high dynamic range rendering to archive its beautiful, eye candy graphics. Facial expressions have never looked this good.

4. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots

Gorgeous is an understatement. MGS4 really looks beautiful, solid and complete. The game is still considered one of the best looking games the PS3 has to offer after 2 years of its release. Snake has never looked this good. Now, just imagine what Kojima may have in the works for the PS3. If he made this game look this good, early in the PS3’s age, imagine what him and his team can do today.

3. Killzone 2

Is that real? Playing Killzone 2 when family and friends come over is guaranteed to get the question; “Is that real?” The game looks so real that it can fool the non-gamers easily. No other FPS looks as good as Killzone 2. How much better can Killzone 3 look?

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Naughty Dog (Developers of Uncharted series) really knows how to take advantage of the PS3’s power. Let’s face it, they turned the Uncharted series in to a classic and must have series for PlayStation owners. The first Uncharted was fall from a fluke; Uncharted 2 delivered and graphically set a new bar on the PS3 when it was released. Games like these are simply, epic.

1. God of War III

After Uncharted 2, there was no way that any other PS3 or for that matter any console game this generation would look better, but boy were we wrong. Now, it’s not by a long shot, but God of War III is truly the most graphical intense game out on the PS3 and only surpassing Uncharted 2. The series’ PS3 version did exactly what the PS2 version of God of War did for the console; it took advantage of the consoles true power and raised the bar on what should be expected on the PS3.

  • Hacker

    lol MGS Rising surpasses MGS4 graphics

    lol God of War III has been surpassed by castlevania lords of shadow

    lol ps3 is no graphical power

    soon to come Gears of War 3 which will set a new standards in graphics which even ps3 will struggle to keep up with xbox360.

    • Hacker’s Mum

      LOL, multiplatform games have crap graphics compared to PS3 exclusives because the Xbox 360 holds them back.

      The Crap – box 360 has such bad graphics, just look at how badly it messed up Final Fantasy XIII.

      Gears Of War 3 looks crap, not even half as good as Uncharted 1 nevermind Uncharted 2.

      360 graphics are a joke and nobody who actually respects themselves would play such bad quality games.

      PS3 has Killzone 3, FF Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, GT 5 and Uncharted 3 all to come in the next year. Crap – box 360 only has Gays Of War 3 which looks like a GBC game because of it’s crap graphics and bad shading techniques.

    • Morrelli

      you sound like an evil troll bent on world domination!!

      I wanted to see at the end..
      **and then xbox will take over the world muh ha HA HA HA **

      but as always, at the end of this movie, the evil trolls demise, will be a result of his own cocky attitude overlooking the true power of his competitor..

      you fool….

  • Jack

    Good list but MGS4? You can do so much better with Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Dessy2010

    Oh wow look at the 360 fanboy called Hacker. Gears 3 looks to be the best looking 360 game yet but its no were near as good as KZ2, UC2 and GOW3.

    MGS Rising is a game releasing nearly 3 years after MGS4. It should look fucking better.

    Castlevania doesn’t look better than GOW3 and only a moron wouldn’t be able to see the graphical differance not to mention the games scale.

    The PS3 has great gems like Infamous 2, Gran turismo 5, LBP2, KZ3, Resistance 3 and FFV13 that look heaps better than there previous titles and some even out do GOW3 and UC2s graphics.

    I think your just a troll and you know how powerful the PS3 is which means I fell for your stupidity but still ignorant fools will read your post and actually believe what you said because they never played a PS3 game in there lives.

    Anyway I’d take MGS4 out of that list and replace it with Infamous 1. MGS4s graphics are outdated and it doesn’t look as great as 7 ot 8 other titles available on ps3

  • godkiller

    Good list. Glad you put gow3 on first place. It truly is the best looking game on the ps3 today. When David Jaffe said it was going to look like a moving painting no one believed him. He was right. It doesn´t look like a moving painting all the time, but there are a lot of moments were I just had to put down the controller and stare at the bckgrounds. One such moment was the first Chimera battle with the giant red Titan in the background. Just breathtaking. I´m sure that killzone 3 will destroy all competetion both on ps3 and overall best looking game, but gow3 will still always be a very beautiful game.

    Don´t agree that castlevania looks better than gow3, it looks amazing but as soon as i played the demo i checked out my favourite levels in gow3 and they look as good if not better than castlevania. i have to play all of castlevania but i doubt it will look better than gow3.

  • hacker at fart at xfagkings


    lord of shadow looks like a ps2 game vs GOW3
    MGS rising lol…..looks like alan FLOP

    no suck box 360 game looks even half as close to UC2, GOW3,KZ3 and even UC1

    typical suck box 360 owner..how s galo reach LOL//lookks like shit and is the lowest rated GALO game ever

  • godkiller

    Yo make good points Dessy2010. I was at a friends and got to play gears of war 2 and was actually shocked how bad and muddled the graphics were. it´s not that it was dark, killzone2 had dark and greyish colours, but with gears you almost couldn´t see shit because everything kind of looked the same. the pixels were too big, it could be my friend had a 60 inch screen and everything looked bigger but gears 2 wasn´t very appealing. gears 3 will have slightly better graphics but not much. why won´t 360 owners realize that their beloved console won´t be able to have better graphics than what we have seen so far? Same thing with halo reach. Again i was shocked how outright bad the graphics were when i saw the game demoed at a store the other day. Considering they were using a new engine, i thought, “Is tha all they can do?”

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  • tarbis


  • alex c

    totaly agree….right list in probably the right order too. . cant wait to see gran turismo 5 in person. the demo released wasnt any good really.

    also all the new projects sony has.

    killzone 3 in the person – final build – that should destroy.

    hell, uncharted 3… that will destroy.

    i feel sony have some others though, besides twisted metal, and little big planet 2, and resistance 3, and infamous 2, and the last guardian.

    as i cant see those being graphical showcases, focusing more on gameplay.

    i can see ‘another’ coming that will showcase the tru meaning of the phrase. – never underestimate the power of playstation.

    that hasnt been used in such a long time. i feel it might be coming true once more, next year.

  • alex c

    cant forget, the other games on my radar, acecombat, socom 4, tekken tag2, yakuza 4, ape escape 3, time crisis razing storm, ico collection, sly collection, virtua tennis 4, virtua fighter – new, dead or alive 5 , and mortal combat 9, which if were lucky , will be the only multiplat title,..

    yes every game mentioned over this and the last post, are sony exclusives

    theres not enough fingers to count them on, put it like that.

    xbox – i can count their exclusives – (per year ) with my nuts.

    add these games to 2010 games, mag, heavyrain, godofwar3, modnation racers & GT5. and theres over 20 exclusives in 2 years. quite a ratio i i do say. and deffo keeping me with sony. xbox games have the same marketing budget as production budget, sometimes more, this simply cant go on. support inspiration. get with sony.

  • WTF

    Dudes the ps3 doesnt have anything over the xbox – the specs are basicly the same, the RAM – sam, (xbox uses its RAM better look it up) – Graphics card – LAME AND OLD SHITS, also xbox uses DirectX, PS3 cant. Ps3 does have bluray, but guess what, the xbox DVDs read faster than blurays, so i rather have 3DVDs than one blu ray. and sorry i own both consoles and i dont think uncharteds graphics are amazing… their actually washed out, and nathans hair looks like dog crap. gears of war 3 has amazing poly count but barely any colors. and im sorry but MSG4, not full HD. halo neither. overall consoles are OLD as shit in technology land. and both have shitty graphics by todays standards. btw black ops on xbox 608p, on ps3 540p… LAME CONSOLES LOL.

    • smarterthenyou


    • Convergence87


  • Stthomasmore

    I believe graphically Final Fantasy XIII is the most intensive, thats why the xbox need 3 discs.

    • smarterthenyou

       lol your a dumbass … the only reason the shitbox needs three discs is cos it dosnt have blueray cos its a piece of crap

      • ShaneMcEntee

        That’s clearly the point he’s making. We all know Xbox 360 uses DVD. The fact it requires 3 DVDs where most 360 games require only 1, still displays how much data the game’s models and textures take up.