Gran Turismo 5 is just 1 month away from making gaming history. The game has been called the best looking game of 2010 before its release, while some have even gone as far as to claim it, the “best looking game ever”. But, before Gran Turismo 5 releases, let’s look at 5 PS3 games currently out, that have showed the world, what the PlayStation 3 can do graphically. Feel the Power! The Best Looking PS3 Games out right now, are…

5. Heavy Rain

First of All, Heavy Rain has hands down, the best looking water seen in any game period. The game’s graphics really shine, especially when it comes to the character’s facial physics. Heavy Rain used advanced skin shaders, and some advanced rendering features, such as depth of field, spherical harmonics, auto exposure and high dynamic range rendering to archive its beautiful, eye candy graphics. Facial expressions have never looked this good.

4. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots

Gorgeous is an understatement. MGS4 really looks beautiful, solid and complete. The game is still considered one of the best looking games the PS3 has to offer after 2 years of its release. Snake has never looked this good. Now, just imagine what Kojima may have in the works for the PS3. If he made this game look this good, early in the PS3′s age, imagine what him and his team can do today.

3. Killzone 2

Is that real? Playing Killzone 2 when family and friends come over is guaranteed to get the question; “Is that real?” The game looks so real that it can fool the non-gamers easily. No other FPS looks as good as Killzone 2. How much better can Killzone 3 look?

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Naughty Dog (Developers of Uncharted series) really knows how to take advantage of the PS3′s power. Let’s face it, they turned the Uncharted series in to a classic and must have series for PlayStation owners. The first Uncharted was fall from a fluke; Uncharted 2 delivered and graphically set a new bar on the PS3 when it was released. Games like these are simply, epic.

1. God of War III

After Uncharted 2, there was no way that any other PS3 or for that matter any console game this generation would look better, but boy were we wrong. Now, it’s not by a long shot, but God of War III is truly the most graphical intense game out on the PS3 and only surpassing Uncharted 2. The series’ PS3 version did exactly what the PS2 version of God of War did for the console; it took advantage of the consoles true power and raised the bar on what should be expected on the PS3.