Microsoft Turns up the Generosity, Thanks Live Members & Offers Free 800 Points

Microsoft is set to bring on Kinect this November and with that in mind, they want to start shining a light on the Xbox brand to remind you to keep it LIVE. Perhaps it’s their way to ease the Xbox Live price increase on you, or maybe they just want to give the gamers back a little something something. Regardless, the offer stands, and come this October be ready to get 800 points and this is how.

During the month of October, spend 2400 Microsoft Points on Arcade games and/or game add-ons and you’ll get 800 Microsoft Points added to your membership as a thank-you gift. Spend your bonus points on anything you want—game add-ons, avatar accessories, or even another Arcade game! read the the newsflash here .

Most gamers already spend 2400 points on Live stuff, so this will definitely be a great deal for those. The gamers with no cash, hey, keep saving for Kinect, I’m sure Microsoft will dish out more deals towards Christmas time.