New Nintendo 3DS Priced, Dated and Ready to Dominate

Let’s be honest, how much would you pay for a Nintendo system? Even the soccer mom’s will be in line for this new Nintendo 3DS come March 2011. Anything Nintendo sells, is sure to cause long lines and shortages, but Nintendo really has something to look forward to with this so called, “3DS”. The new non-glasses 3D enabled Nintendo 3DS is coming to Japan on February 26 2011, followed by a March 2011 release in the US and Europe. The 3DS will be 25,000 yen which is about $300. Although there was no confirmed price for the US, that is pretty much what is expected to pay for the new Nintendo 3DS handheld. Did we mention, that you won’t need 3D glasses to see it in 3D? That’s right, it’s Nintendo doing what they do best….cause havoc! Check out the features here. And if you want to see what the 3DS will be capable of, check this Super Street Fighter 4 3DS trailer along with a video showing off the 3DS’ game lineup.