TQcast: PlayStation Move Review

More than a week has passed since the launch of Sony’s latest innovation in gaming and even now the industry is still buzzing about Playstation Move. So is this new addition to motion gaming worth your precious disposable income?

Physical Make-up

The PlayStation Move controller fits perfectly in your hand and the button layout is spaced out enough to eliminate mistaken button presses. The addition of the Move button in the center does change the layout which takes a little time to get used to.

The glowing org on the top does not hinder game play or add any instability in your hand. The trigger,  referred to as the “T button” in most games, has a very comfortable amount of resistance which will allows you to hold it down for extended periods while moving the controller around.

Overall the build quality feels high and the Bluetooth, wireless controller edges out its competitor on all fronts in the physical department. The only thing that could make this controller any better would be air vents that keep your hands from sweating.


There is no noticeable lag which allows amazingly precise slashing, tossing, or shooting during game play. The controller does come with wrist strips just in case it manages to escape your hand some how. And you’ll need them because waggling and just shaking won’t do anything in games except make you look stupid. All of the buttons are very responsive in game and as mentioned before, spaced out enough to allow ultimate functionality on both the XMB and within Move compatible titles.

The PS Move requires you to actually interact with things like you do in real life and strangely enough, it takes some time to adjust to that extra added realism. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of PS Move is the depth perception. Stepping forward to slam the ball in a fiery blaze at your opponent in table tennis becomes quickly addictive. Opening doors or choosing objects on a shelf may seem like a simple thing but both demonstrate exactly why the Move is better than anything available for sale right now. With the first patch of games released, you can see the potential and it becomes easy to see how you can not only integrate the PS Move on almost any game but enhance the game play with motion controls.

The only problem with the actual Move functionality has nothing to do with the control itself but the PS Eye. The tech shows its age in games like Start the Party and EyePet where the max resolution of 640×480 looks absolutely pathetic against the high-definition graphics of games. When coupled with the $39.99 price of the PS Eye alone, the camera brings down the overall quality and makes products like Kinect seem like even more of a bargain.

However, while the camera does enough to keep the game play from suffering, the Playstation Move controller itself is full of potential and more importantly future proof. If Sony does decide to build another PS Eye, you will still be able to use these controllers. Coupled with another PS Move controller, a Sub Navigation controller, or perhaps some devices released in the future, there are not many genres PlayStation Move cannot improve.

The entry price of $99 is absolutely a steal and you won’t find a better value on the market. If you own a PS3, do yourself a favor and buy one the EyePet or Sports Champion Move bundles. If you already have a camera, $49.99 will get you one PS Move controller. Even if you do not like the experience, I guarantee you will be able to make your money back quick from another gamer that does.

PlayStation Move gets 4 out of 5 Michelas With an additional Editor Award for “Best in Motion”.

  • trolleater

    Great article except this bit of complete rubbish. 🙂

    “640×480 looks absolutely pathetic against the high-definition graphics of games. When coupled with the $39.99 price of the PS Eye alone, the camera brings down the overall quality and makes products like Kinect seem like even more of a bargain.”

    KInect is $150 for a 640×480 @30fps camera.

    PS3 Eye is $40 for a 640×480 @120fps camera with superior audio capabilities. 48khz, 16-bit on each of it’s 4 mic channels.

    Kinects audio is 16khz with no additional information if that is per channel or not. Given the restrictions on Kinect the newly released

    How you can say something at FOUR times the price of the Eye with a SLOWER capture rate and the SAME video resolution is a bargain? Think your article needs an edit.

    Might want to check this out to see how much Kinect is just marketing propaganda and little else. All been done before and over 12 million sold.


    Also might want to note that Eye supports 4 people vs the 2 of that $150 bargain Kinect :).

    Also Move will integrate with 3D TV’s for full 3D immersion while MS is silent on Kinect and 3D.

    Otherwise article is pretty much bang on what Move offers. Cheers

  • 1) We don’t know if Microsoft is sticking with those specs for the final release. Until it’s released, we don’t know for sure.

    2) My Evo 4G has an 8MP camera while the iPhone has a 5MP camera. Yet the iPhone records better video and takes better pictures. If you know anything about cameras, we know that max pixel count doesn’t define everything. The amount of compression, shutter speed, lense, and many other variables affect the actual quality of your picture or video.

    At E3, we saw Microsoft demonstrate the chat feature with Kinect and the video quality was absolutely stunning. Keep in mind the video feed was running over the internet from three different locations. Perhaps Microsoft is using some type of software to help upscale the quality, but the PS Eye does not do this. Just look at the size difference in the cameras and you should immediately recognize there’s more behind Kinect than the PS Eye.

    I’m not saying the PS Eye is horrible. Just that it is outdated and looked very poor when put up against the high defintion graphics of a PS3 game. That’s entirely truthful.

    That said…the bargin bit may be a stretch as I haven’t seen Kinect. Although I do know the PS Eye at the moment is not capable of the tracking and automatically following human movement. Once again if you saw the E3 presentation, you saw one of the video chatters move to the left and right while the camera followed them.

    As far as the microphone quality, that was not tested in any Move titled so far but I definitely look forward to it coming into play in the near future.

    Also, Microsoft has said on a number of occasions that it will work with four people. Of course you have to have the space for that to work. Now that’s an entirely different issue.

    Thanks for your response though. Nice to know TQcast can attract intelligent readers.

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  • I charged my Move controllers today, thanks to this review.

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      At least it was successful in that regard. I’d recommend picking up Tumble for $9.99. Review on that is pending.

  • trolleater

    “1) We don’t know if Microsoft is sticking with those specs for the final release. Until it’s released, we don’t know for sure.”
    Fine but that’s what they have announced so you can’t use it to then compare and make claims as if they are factual :). Sony could have a HD one just around the corner 🙂 I believe USB 2.0 is a bottleneck for both of them at this point in regards to HD.
    2) Agreed. And the place Kinect has better hardware spec is colour depth. Maybe that’s what you were seeing. Everything else is better on the Eye for the specs announced by each vendor. Eye does uncompressed or jpeg compression fyi. Maybe your seeing jpeg compression artifacts?
    Keep in mind that for video chat the bandwidth of the person that initiates the chat is usually the key factor in determining the quality for everyone. If it’s low then you will all suffer because of the lowest common denominator factor. If we video chat from room to room it’s very very clear. When we do multiple people across the country it’s worse depending connection qualities. And we have done 4 people but haven’t tried the 6 the PS3 video chat supports. Real world use btw. Those 3 in the demo could have been on the internet but using fibre or very high speed broadband for demoing. In that case it would be better than our room to room quality regardless of actual camera abilities.
    Size is irrelevant as you pointed out with your Evo 4G example. Your points are contradictory on that front. No biggie just pointing it out.
    Yes any SD won’t look as good as HD. That’s why I watch Blu-ray and HD channels. Kinect is also 640×480 however. Again I suspect it’s the colour depth rather than resolution or something else was going on compared to your xp with Eye. Like internet connection. If it was a HD camera or even upscaled then MS would be beating you over the head with that info this close to release.:) Btw you can see differences in video quality on the Eye by changing settings in the Eye Create software or by applying different filters. Might help to gain insight to your situation.
    “Although I do know the PS Eye at the moment is not capable of the tracking and automatically following human movement.”
    Actually it is capable of tracking in 3D.

    Throw in the Move and it’s 3D full body movement as well.
    It doesn’t do the automatically following because it’s field of view camera is wider than Kinect and therefore unnecessary. Partly why it’s not as expensive as well. Eye also contains an IR sensor (comes as part of the kit Sony buys) but they intentionally block it out to focus on other optimisations that the IR can interfere with. The motor is a big cost of Kinect when much simpler solution was possible. Given MS track record on hardware I’ll say now it will be the biggest failure point in terms of repair as well.
    MS has now officially said it will only track 2 active players. Eye is technically capable of doing 4 with the Move.
    Like I said the article was pretty accurate and that takes a certain amount objectivity to accomplish. Thanks for that.
    The reason Kinect hasn’t impressed me so far is we have done pretty well everything it is claiming as innovative and revolutionary with the Eyetoy and Eye already. At a much lower price point. Those games have their appeal but lack a certain amount of “depth”. And we have been using the Eye video chat for several years now already so nothing new there either.
    P.S. Move will also pair very nicely with 3D TV’s for full 3D immersion because it is using very little resources. Again MS has been pretty much silent on that front because Kinect is now using the 360 to power it instead of the original announcements. Something you may not have considered.