Castle Crashers (PSN) Review

Game: Castle Crashers
Genre: Action
System: PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Review by: Denoch

The highly critically acclaimed Castle Crashers finally graces the PS3, nearly two years after the original release on the 360, the knights invade the PSN and will take over your console once again. Be warned: only brave heroes wanted.


Story: The castle had been breached and the evil wizard has stolen the precious and powerful crystal away from the Mighty King, to make matters worst, the wizard’s evil henchmen has kidnapped all the princesses. There is no verbal or text dialogue, what ever is portrayed on the screen can be taken how it is or can be interpreted by the player, limited only by the imagination. As a knight it is your duty to rescue you the lovely princesses, retrieve the crystal, and bring peace to the kingdom. Roaming across the harsh land, defeating your foes, and fighting along side your local or online comrades, the task is no challenge for these honorable servants of the King.

furry monster

Graphics: If you are a fan of anime or cartoon like shows then you will love the graphics, the regular baddies for the most part look the same but when the bigger and more powerful enemies are introduce, the design stays on point. The physics and the over-all look feels like you are watching a short 15 minute show, it is very intriguing to watch when someone else is playing. The environment is detailed and colorful, these developers took no short cuts when it came to the presentation of this game.

arrows falling

Gameplay- Let’s get to the bone of this very meaty animal, there are four characters to choose from, all with very similar abilities but each one of them having a unique magic power they call their own, Blue knight has the Ice, Red knight has the lightning, Orange knight has the Fire, and the Green knight has Poison.
Equipped with a variety of weapons, a sword being the most common, you will plow your way to each scene and kill different waves of bad guys and at the end you face off with a huge boss. If you get killed by the boss, you wont have to start all the way from the beginning, instead you will begin where you first encountered the big baddie which I think was very convenient. When going on a killing spree, you will earn XP points, which can be distributed into four categories, Strength ,Magic ,Defense or Agility.
There are animals that will help you in your quest, a bird will bring items that have been fallen in the battlefield and give them to you, others give you extra boost of magic, and others aid you in battle by fighting with you. The different weapons can be bought at the store while others can me found throughout the campaign, each weapon has its own stats, ranging from a strong defense but maybe having some weak magic, you might want to choose a preferable weapon depending on your fighting style.
The game is highly encourage to be played in two or more players considering how difficult it gets as you advance in story mode, there is a four local co-op or invite four friends online. I found it very problematic to connect with others players as I played through the game, there was drop offs and had long waiting periods in joining and searching for a room. Some of these issues were apparently present in the 360 version which were then fixed.

Arena & Volleyball: There are two additional modes besides the campaign, one is called the Arena where you will fight waves and waves of enemies, similar to the Horde on Gears of War or triple threat co-op on Uncharted 2. The next is the volleyball mini game, it can be played on four vs. four with a massively huge ball that can be hit with your sword and sometimes releasing magic onto the ball like fire or ice to either burn or freeze the apposing team members who touch it. The volleyball mode can be fun with friends when you have a party, but falls short on being the main focus, I know it’s not meant to be, it is something that you wont be spending your time like on the campaign.

frozen enemy

Sound- The music in the background is very well placed accordingly to the humor, boss battles or the action that is being showed. Some of it is really catchy, with electronic pop while other theme songs remind me of the older Zelda games.

Wishes or Changes- Wish it could have arrived to the PSN sooner but glad it was later then never. A change that needs to be fixed with a patch is the server problems, having a more smooth connection and less time waiting while we look for other players.


TQ bottom line- With all the action of hacking and slashing, frying enemies and having the satisfaction of leveling up after gathering enough XP, is a well design and visually stunning game that will have the other side of gamers playing for a long time.

FINAL SCORE: 4.5 out of 5 Michelas! –

Castle Crashers
Developer: Behemoth
Publisher: Behemoth
Also available on: Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Metacritic: 87
MSRP: $14.99

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    Nailed it Denoch, Great review.

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