Alien Breed 2: Assault PC Review

Alien Breed 2: Assault is the second game in the Alien Breed series by Developer Team 17 Software. Having never played the first Alien Breed I was a little skeptical how this game would play out, especially given the low price point at $9.99. I must admit, at first glance this game looks very generic and unoriginal. Did Alien Breed 2: Assault stand out from the crowd, or is this game just another Sci-Fi shooter that you should avoid?

Story/Gameplay: Alien Breed 2: Assault is a top down arcade shooter with some survival horror elements. The game opens tells its story in a comic book style way, rather than using fancy cut scenes. In Alien Breed 2, you play as badass Conrad, the ships engineer. The game takes place in a spaceship, and as you can imagine, none of the ships systems are working. The ship has been inhabited by aliens and it is your job to wipe these alien scum clean and reactivate the various systems found throughout the ship. Conrad starts the game off with an assault rifle and a basic handgun. As you progress through the game you acquire new weapons, such as shotguns, mini guns, and flamethrowers. Additionally there are various vending terminals scattered throughout the ship that allow you to upgrade your weapons and buy items using credits you find in the game. You are also allowed to save your progress at these vending terminals free of charge. Who said you cant get anything for free these days?

Graphics: Alien Breed 2 is powered by the ever popular Unreal Engine 3, so you know that this game looks good. I was a little worried how this game would look, considering it is a budget title. Although this game is a budget title, the graphics in this rival the graphics of some triple A titles. The graphics in Alien Breed sort of reminded me of Gears of War, from the character models, enemies and exaggeratedly large guns. Its obvious that Team 17 Software spent some time working on the graphics for this game.

Sound: The sound in this game is another area where this game excels. I played this game using my Apple earbuds and I must admit I was pretty impressed. Whether your firing your assault rifle like a maniac at an oncoming wave of aliens or kicking back letting a turret take care of business, the sound is very crisp. The sound of aliens creeping by you in a dark corridor can be very haunting and creepy at times. The various background noises such as explosions and alarms going off were also well done. However, although the sounds in game are really good, they do get repetitive really fast.

Controls: The controls in the game are fairly easy to master. You control basic movement using WASD, while the mouse buttons are used to fire your weapon and use items. X and Z control your item inventory while using the mouse scroll wheel to manage your weapons inventory.

Wishes: I wish this game would allow me to stack the weapon upgrades that I had previously purchased. Instead, when you purchase a new weapon upgrade it completely replaces the older upgrade. In other words, you can’t have higher bullet damage and faster reloading at the same time. Another improvement for this game would be more enemy types. It gets pretty old looking at the same 9 aliens the whole game.

Final Verdict: When I first started playing Alien Breed 2 I was immediately impressed. The gameplay was great, the controls were tight, and the graphics were sharp. However a lack of more character models made this game old real fast. The lack of variety in missions made the gameplay very monotonous. With that being said, I did thoroughly enjoy this game and I recommend that you play it if you like top down shooters. I completed this game on the normal difficulty in just under 5 hours. This game is alien blasting fun earning a 3 Michelas out of 5 rating.

Alien Breed 2: Assault (PC/Steam)
Developer: Team 17 Software Ltd.
MSRP: $9.99

  • Excellent review Illmatic! Strait to the point, and easy to read. Welcome to TQ big dawg!

    I like anything that looks like Gears of War, so I just might have to check this out.