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PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move Bundle

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Whether you are in the market for a new PS3 for its 3D, Blu-Ray, Gaming, or new motion control features, consider saving tons of money thanks to an online retailer that not only gives you 30% off 1 PS3, but try 4 different PS3s including the Ultimate PlayStation MOVE bundle, making it only $280. That’s less than a 360 Slim and Standard PS3

The online retailer owned by Sears,, has your hook up on 4 different PS3 consoles/bundles. But that Move bundle may be all you need for only $280, that’s over $120 of savings. Better hurry, these hot deals can’t last long.

PS3 160GB link

PS3 120GB link

PlayStation 3 320GB MOVE BUNDLE $280 link

Sony PS3 250GB Bundle with Little Big Planet and HDMI Cable link

******Update***** Looks like the deal was too hot for its own good, mygof has now lowered the offer to %20 off, still a good deal.

Use code GOFERIT for 20% off

Use coupon code: tryusout30

“30% off your first order over $25 at using coupon code: tryusout30

Only valid for registered members, just register first then login and use the code. Make sure you choose pick up and find your closest store by searching by zip code.

For those wondering if the company is legit, they are owned by Sears, so you are good to go.

  • HeavY

    F#ck, I already paid $420 for mine

  • Eliminator55

    That’s one of the most incredible deals that I’ve seen. With the 20% discount you only save about $48 rather than saving about $92 with the 30% discount. That savings is based on a 10% sales tax and no shipping cost. I also figured in that when buying from many online retailers you incur no sales tax. Still, finding an actual discount on a console is nearly impossible. I’m surprised their allowed to discount the consoles so heavily. Also, I added multiple items to my cart and the 20% discount applies to all items. This 30% coupon must have been available for a while because they would’t have just put out the coupon and invalidated with a day. Anyways, I wish I would have known about this when the 30% discount was valid. That would have been a steal. Plus, you can pick up items you buy on the site at your local Kmart within an hour or so. Surprisingly, my small local Kmart has the PS3 Move Bundle in stock.

    In summary, it’s a deal.

  • This doesn’t work…

  • when will that offer expire man because i really want it for my bitrthday on December 23rd so hit me up on my wall on facebook and yeah…

    • Well Phillip, the 30% deal is dead, but they do have the 20% now as mentioned above. I’m sure there will be more deals this holiday season, you should find something right in time for your b-day.

  • amguitarman

    That code for the 20% off doesn’t work.

  • Eliminator55

    The “GOFERIT” code no longer works either. On a promo code site it said that the “tryusout20” code would not apply to electronics. I thought it was against the manufacturer’s rules to discount a console so much. Anyways, they probably just realized that it was working on electronics and invalidated the code. The 20% worked perfectly yesterday. The discount was applied to anything that I put in my cart including a 3-D TV.


  • @ Desz…thanks for the info dude