Is Heavy Rain the Best PlayStation Move Title Yet?

For those that have yet to pick up Heavy Rain and own a PlayStation 3, you owe to yourself to experience one of the best PS3 games ever made. With a PlayStation Move update incoming, can this possibly be Sony’s best Move title yet?

Let’s be honest, Heavy Rain was made for PlayStation Move, the game is built to use tons of motion controls and frankly, the game needed move day one. Would the reviews be different if it were Move compatible from day one? I can see that being a possibility, yet the game did quite well financially and looking at the PlayStation Move sales, this should stir up some more appeal for Heavy Rain this holiday season. Looks like Sony had a good plan for Heavy Rain, let’s see if the game uses Move’s full potential. Definitely, best PS Move title on paper yet. Second opinion reviews should start hitting the web soon.

Will you be playing Heavy Rain again? And for those that haven’t picked up the title, will you finally pick it up?

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Heavy Rain $39.99 with free shipping

  • yes

    “Is Heavy Rain the Best PlayStation Move Title Yet?”

    Yes…Now, anyother questions you got?

    • Is playing with Madison Page Real? Now, another answer you got?

  • Kapado

    man im glad i only played through Heavy Rain once , now ill play 3 more times with the Move. Ooowww

    • Yes sir, same here can’t wait to play it again with Move. BTW, my move controllers have been put away, need to charge them and get them ready for the HR patch tomorrow!

  • LoL. I hope this works with the DLC for Heavy Rain. I haven’t played through that yet. Hopefully I’ll get to tomorrow.

  • Axe99

    Lookin’ forward to replaying Heavy Rain with the Move, but for me, RUSE is the best Move game yet – takes a while to learn how to use the Move right, but once you do, it’s strategy gaming on console like you’ve never seen before :).