Blue Mics Give Flip Cameras Enhanced Recording Sound

A surprising announcement just hit us this morning. Blue Mics, the well known company in the professional microphone business, have done it yet again. This time around, Blue Mics create a mic, specifically for the Flip Cameras that will give them, a professional condensed recording sound.

How many times have we wished we could use our Flip cameras for more than just simple videos? As a technology and audio head, there have been times I had to go with a different video option when recording, due to the lack of professional recording sound Flip offers. Blue Mics has now made Flip cameras more valuable.

* Simple plug-and-play operation
* Blue’s premium condenser stereo microphone capsules for beautiful, natural, and clear sound
* Automatic sensitivity switch with “Loud” setting allows Mikey for Flip to record any volume level clearly:
whispers, interviews, or rock concerts
* Mic-in port allows for easy plug-in of additional corded interview, handheld, or lavalier microphone
* Built-in tripod mount
* Long-lasting AAA battery power for simplicity and maximum battery life (included)
* Convenient, soft cloth carrying pouch
* Especially designed for all FlipPort™-enabled Flip video cameras (including the new Flip UltraHD)

The only problem with all this, has to be the release date. This will be out till January 2011 for $69.99. We want now!