Headshots on the PS3 have never been this Precise. Eagle Eye Changes PS3 Gaming

Precision is key when playing first person shooter video games. Using a console controller to play first person shooter games may have not been a good idea years ago, but today playing FPS games on a console is not only popular, but precise enough to get you those headshots. Or is it?

PC gamers will tell you, that the real best precision comes from a keyboard and mouse. So, how about a PlayStation 3 using a keyboard and mouse for all its first person shooter games? Up till recently, this was not possible on all FPS games on the PS3; Unreal tournament 3 being the only game to support a keyboard and mouse while some of the best shooters on the PS3, such as; Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 only support the standard PS3 controllers. But that has just changed!

Thanks to Penguin United, gamers can now enjoy PC precision on all FPS games on the PlayStation 3. Say hello to the ‘Eagle Eye’. This USB adapter by Penguin United, converts your USB mouse/keyboard into a PS3 controller. So, does it really aim better, move faster and give you an advantage? Check out the TQcast video review below for our answer.


– Precise shooting; Aim Better, Move Faster, it’s true!
– Easy to Install
– 180 & 360 turns are priceless


– May take gamers some time to get the keyboard/mouse controls down
– A very slight lag from time to time during gameplay
– Price (This would have been very nice at $39.99)

Penguin United Website
Price $59.99
Buy at Amazon

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  • nixon

    I don’t get it, so you configure everything with PC, but do you have to disconnect and then back to PS3? to continue to play with the configured buttons ?

    • Yes sir, you leave it plugged in while playing. You only use your PC to map the keys.

  • Revne

    you are taking the skill away from skill

  • Alex

    My friend plays MW2 on 10 sensitivity and whips around all the time
    Also, if you get used to max sensitivity on Kz2 and MW2 you can be more accurate and precise with them. You would use this if you suck

  • Griml337

    This is retarded. If you want to use a mouse and keyboard play a PC game. Something like this could seriously cause balancing issues, and is not in the sport of any console shooters that don’t actively support it.

  • Klondy

    I turn on people faster than that with my Dualshock.

  • Tom

    this is retarted, if you buy this ur a moron

  • SlaughterMeister

    Is this article an ad or a joke?

  • trendy

    wow never thought i’d be defending Desz! To the people complaining about this article or the product in the article realise this, you probably have some PC gamer friends who say “I won’t buy/play FPS on consoles because I hate that controls!” I know I have friends like that and I’m sure I’m not the only one! This product isn’t for you but it is certainly for them. If you don’t plan on getting a Move, but do plan on getting games like R.U.S.E. again another good reason to pick up this product.

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf

    You guys commenting don’t know what you are talking about. Mouses tend to give more control over aiming. All you do with this is plug any keyboard or mouse into the usbs then plug the box into the ps3 and it should be ready(unless the buttons aren’t already mapped). I am mainly a console gamer but I prefer mouse and keyboard for first person shooters. I haven’t played any third person shooters though but with this I could try and play games like Uncharted 2 with it. My main problem with controllers is in games like Warhawk when you snipe you need lots of precision and can easily go past your target when you move the camera.

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  • Neo

    To those who keep crying because we wanna use our keyboards and mouses to play PS3 Games. I am really not for using this and owning people online although it may be fun it won’t be fair that’s true and games should support it natively without having to buy these things (like UT3). However, I wanna play Red Dead Redemption which is exclusive to PC or Killzone 2, also exclusive, in those cases I just want to know that I can use my keyboard and mouse and have the fun I want to have.

    Playing it online definitely unfair, but if i want to play the single player part, let me be please! Use your controller on the PC, I won’t cry 🙂

  • Neo

    Correction: Exclusive to PS3

  • consolekiddiesqq

    I think this is great. Note how only the console kiddies are crying.

  • Avesome

    I own this soley because I have a thumb injury and stopped playing on a console because of the injury, With the Eagle Eye I can play again although I’m still crap I can at least play again.

  • Eric

    I hate to state the obvious but wouldn’t it simply be better to play on a computer platform instead of wasting money on a PS3 if the desired end result is gaming with a mouse and keyboard?

  • Ray186

    It’s only a matter of time before Sony gives an update to disable this one too. Just like they did to the previous model.