Think PlayStation Move is Too Expensive? Think Again

Much like Xbox Live, you may never have to pay full retail price for anything PlayStation Move related. These PS Move deals keep getting better and better.

Gamestop is at it again, with a PlayStation Move Sports Champion Bundle for only $85 by using code TGS to get – 15% off. Original price is $100. Shipping is free with code SAVER.

Bundle Includes:

* PlayStation Move motion controller
* PlayStation Eye Camera
* Sports Champions Blu-ray disc

If you have yet to pick up a PlayStation Eye and Move controller, the complete package is now much cheaper. Hope this helps your decisions.

Also, Gamestop is currently offering 2 PlayStation Move controllers for only $79.98. That is a $20 savings.
You must buy 2 of these Move controllers and use coupon code 20DOWN to get these for $80. User SAVER for free shipping

Kmart has tons of great offers in-store as well:

PS3 Move Bundle, gets you a $25 Gaming Coupon
PS3 Move Accessories (Move, Navigation, Charging Station) gets you a $10 coupon on each
PS3 Move Games (Troy Story 3, Start the Party, Eye Pet, Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champion) get a $10 Gaming Coupon

Where the heck is Amazon and Best Buy? I’m sure they want to match these prices.

  • Bandcoot

    Hello. Very good article.

    However, who is the cutie in the picture?

  • DevilDogA99

    I want a bundle with just two controllers and a game, I already have the Playstation 3 Eye

  • That Bundle is Expensive!!! It’s only $69 at Walmart AND it includes a MOVE navigation controller, eye cam and ONE motion controller (3 things) with the Little Big Planet Bundle! BUT I want TWO motion controllers in a bundle! Why should I have to buy 2 bundles to save? So I took it all back $69 Bundle, $50 extra motion controller and $30 headset!! $150 BUCKS – LOWER THOSE PRICES!
    Last but not least there are VERY few and limited MOVE games to play that my family has interest in!! Just make sure you keep your receipt and return it back to WALMART in a matter of days if you decide to TRY it out!