Don’t Pay Full Price For PlayStation Move, Use this Deal Instead

If the new PlayStation Move appears to be too pricey for your budget, this online deal will save you money on not one, but 2 PlayStation Move controllers.

Gamestop is currently offering 2 PlayStation Move controllers for only $79.98. That is a $20 savings. So, if you have been on the fence with this purchase, and currently own a PlayStation Eye, hopefully this helps your decision.

You must buy 2 of these Move controllers and use coupon code 20DOWN to get these for $80. User SAVER for free shipping

20DOWN – $20 off any order $100 or more. Online only. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid on consoles or limited/collector’s editions. Expires 9/30/10 11:59PM.

  • Great deal! Absolutely amazing. $20…wow. I was going to pick up two tonight from Walmart. I don’t know. It’s $20 though. If it was $30, I’d wait. But getting them tonight versus waiting until next Wednesday is not worth the $20 to me. That said…if WalMart is sold out, I’ll definitely be buying two online and maybe another one elsewhere.

    I’d imagine several will be available next week on Craigslist.

    • jacobcash

      yeahs thats is an incredibly absolutely stunning deal damn….too bad its taking a while

  • jacobcash

    yeahs that is an increbibly absolutely stunning deal damn…..too bad its online

  • Opus

    Try Kmart. You pay fill price buy you get $10 back on the controller and games, $25 back on the bundle and $40 on the system bundle. It is in the form of a coupon to be used on a future PS3 purchase. I got the bundle and gonna use the coupon for the controller and still have a $10 left over

    • Nice tip Opus!

  • Cohetedor

    Um, the coupon code is for orders $100 or more before tax. Two Move controllers come to 99.98, site gives you an error code that code is not valid on orders under $100, Did someone have a brain fart when doing the math for this? $99.98=/=$100

    • It was actually working all day today and yesterday, Gamestop recently blocked it.