Another PS3 Exclusive To Deliver Gran Turismo 5 Quality for Much Less

Gran Turismo 5 will be the PS3’s biggest seller, there is no doubt about that. The franchise’s reputation and name is sure to catch the attention of all gamers, whether they like racing or not. For those eager to play Gran Turismo 5, you may want to ease your wait by looking at another PS3/PSN exclusive that is promising to deliver Gran Turismo 5 quality for much less this fall.

As much as Gran Turismo 5 is anticipated, there are tons of other games going against the PS3 racing exclusive this holiday season; some are shooters while other are just less expensive. Yes, we know Gran Turismo will be worth every penny, but everybody wants to save money right? Well, if you answered yes to saving money, then ‘Superstars V8 Racing’ is for you!, the “O-Games” PS3/PSN exclusive is also due out this fall and promises to deliver Gran Turismo 5 quality for only $19.99 and only for the PS3/PSN. Check out the videos and images below.

Superstars V8 Racing Features:

1. Officially licensed cars from big name manufacturers like Audi, Jaguar, and BMW? Check!

2. Officially licensed European Superstar Championship tracks recreated in hyper-realistic detail,
down to the last grain of dust waiting around every curve? Check!

3. Online multiplayer, full trophy support, officially licensed Superstar Championship drivers and a sweat
inducing competitive AI system that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to the finish line?

4. Only $19.99 and saves you a trip to the store. Will be available on PSN for download this October.

  • JonahFalcon

    Superstars V8 Racing looks fine, but seriously…what a stupid comparison made just to get site hits. I guess I’m your first sucker.

    • We did not compare it Jonah. The article not once,compares it. As a matter of fact it encourages to play this game while you wait for Gran Turismo. And don’t call yourself a sucker, you are a nice gamer.

      • Cheese

        Dude, you did compare it, read the title. That was a sad attempt at hits….

        • Hey the press release states it has GT5 quality for much less. I wouldn’t be making stuff up cheese.. Anyways, I share what I read. BTW, love your avatar.

          here is the press release:
          Twain Harte, Calif—September 15, 2010—Starting this fall players don’t have to spend the big bucks—or even leave the comfort of their living rooms—in order to have a premium racing experience. Coming exclusively to PlayStation®Network, Superstars®V8 Racing hits the asphalt and goes tire-to-tire with some of 2010’s other racing titles like Gran Turismo 5, F1 2010, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – with all the quality and content for a fraction of the cost at just $19.99.

          and the image…

  • desff

    wtf why would you compare this to gt5 6 yrs development, 200 ridiculously detailed cars with 800 that probably look as good as this, and then “for much less?” they could sell gt5 for $150 and it would easily be worth it

    also the half bumper coming off EVERY time its touched would drive me insane

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf

    This is a comparison stupid. You are saying this will be like Gran Turismo 5 for less money. You do encourage us to get it but you also encourage us to not get Gran Turismo 5. The physics in this game are obviously worse and arcade racer like, the graphics are great but the shadows and motion blur are over emphasized and not as realistic or good looking, and I highly doubt it will has even half as much cars or real life tracks and a track creator.

  • Derp

    You do realize this game is already out on Xbox 360 right? Also the fact that it got mediocre reviews?

    Do your homework before you post $hit mmkay?

    • Terko

      It’s a PSN downloadable exclusive, it on the PS3, has trophies, so yeah it’s a PS3 exclusive.

  • DiSrUpToR

    I already have this game on disc from last year, its a cracking game if you like tough hard AI, the bastards block you from passing you constantly, even to the point where they come off the racing line just enough to make you think twice about passing them. Its a hard racing game to my mind if you set everything on pro mode, don’t put the game on easy as you may as well race on your own, you could start last and end up in 1st place by the end of lap 1 or half way into lap 2( a pointless mode if you ask me). I too saw the reviews – but as i don’t go by them i took a chance and bought it and wasn’t disappointed, don’t get me wrong – the game has its flaws but it don’t really affect the gameplay.
    If your a fan of Australian/German style touring cars you wont be disappointed. Well thats my opinion for what its worth.

    • Cool DiSrUpToR. Yeah, I mean we know this is not GT5 and you make some great points, $20 and if you like Australian/German style touring cars, it’s probably a good buy. And this should hold you off till GT5. Good stuff!

  • you’ve got to be sh**ng me!

    everything is blurred man! so how can we see if it has GT5 kind of graphics?

    • hahahaha! Come on it’s not that bad looking.

  • Agent75

    This game is also on the 360, so it’s not a PS3 exclusive. The latest version is V8 Racing: Next Challenge. It’s a decent racer, but nothing to write home about. And when it comes against Gran Turismo 5, it’s got no chance, but you could say that for all racers. Not bad if you can pick it up for less than £10.

  • Hilarious

    This isnt exactly an exclusive because its already been out. But if you really want to spend £20 on it when you go get it second hand for alot less.

  • brad

    this game has been out for ages on many consoles and is utter crap. so what are you all talking about?

  • adrian

    Very dissapointing and unprofessional to compare these two games. The title of this article “Another PS3 Exclusive To Deliver Gran Turismo 5 Quality for Much Less” definetly says you are comparing these two games.