Worms Reloaded (PC) Review

Game: Worms Reloaded
Genre: Strategy Game
System: Windows, Mac OS X (Steam)
Review by: Denoch

Get ready for another great edition of Worms; this time around the series is getting reloaded. If you are not familiar with the franchise, than you must be a real young gamer, the series has been in existence over fifteen years with multiple sequels, and spin-offs.

Presentation: In this new iteration of Worms, the series is taking it back old school with the improved and revamped 2-D style. With some added features like Steam support, extra game modes, local and network multiplayer, this title will sink its teeth into your gaming time and will not let go. No matter what mode you play in, you will always get rewarded with coins that can be used to unlock weapons, accessories, landscape and much more, (you even get rewarded for paying the tutorial). Steam makes it easier now to connect with friends and have a friendly match, play locally or play a ranked match online with a flawless effort. After completing the campaign and spending countless of hours, the multiplayer will steal even more hours with its addicting gameplay.

Gameplay: You control several worms with a turn-based mechanic that allows you to obliterate the apposing team with power goofy weapons, there are also jet packs, ninja tools to help you the player out on the field. Each worm has a limited amount of time to either deal damage or aid the team as you see fit, after taking the appropriate action, the turn will be over for the team and move on to the apposing team. The landscape is fully destructible and can me used as a puzzle, since you have less than a minute per turn to get around, when starting a match, worms can be scattered around the level making it a challenging, strategic, and fun experience all at the same time.

Controls: There are not many buttons to press or in this case many keys to press, the mouse will control the camera while the right click will bring up the weapon selection, other keys will include, Space, Enter, Up or down, Left or right, all the essentials needed for gamers not familiar with  PC games.

Graphics: The visuals are supported with widescreen and there are 13 high definition themes with thousand of different levels. It is graphically pleasing to the eye when you set a bazooka on the enemy and they are sent flying up in smoke across the map, the explosions are beautiful to look at and landscape is entertaining to see.

Sound: I played the game with my Apple ear buds, and even though they are not designed for gaming, hearing the gunshots, explosions, and listening to a sheep or buffalo before they go boom is very enjoyable to listen. When taking damage or executing an action causes all of the worms to talk goofy and make adorable comments , after a while you notice that it has limited voice recording, and their small dialogue becomes very redundant.

Wishes or Changes: The only gripe or complaint that I have on this fantastic game is not having sufficient voice comments coming from the worms, instead we hear them repeat the same one liners over and over again. I wish for the next game or the following update to have thousands of comments, enough where I don’t hear the same “Because Hi is better than Hello” before the start of every gaming session.

These Worms will swim into four Michelas out of five

FINAL SCORE: 4 out of 5 Michelas!

Worms Reloaded

Developer: Team 17 Software

Publisher: Steam

Metacritic: 79

MSRP: $19.99