Don’t Be That Gamer: Pirates

[DISCLAIMER: The opinions of TheL1T1G4T0R do not convey or represent the opinions of concerning piracy, gamers, or any subjects discussed within this editorial.]

There’s not much to respect about a person that joyfully steals from others and in the case of gaming pirates, it’s downright unjustified. However, that doesn’t stop these self-entitled pariahs from trying to do so. Sure you heard all the excuses but let’s take a close look at their hypocrisy.

The first excuse always deals with pricing. Games are too expensive. Really? Didn’t you realize that before you bought the console? Most of the gaming world knew $59.99 would be the set price for new titles this generation but you decided to take the leap anyway. Either way, that’s two counts of ignorance against your intelligence.

Yes…games are expensive but you think paying $140 or more for a USB device that is no doubt going to be blocked is reasonable. What possible reason could there be to risk getting your $200 + console banned from Xbox Live or PSN?

You want to play PS2 games on your PS3. How about purchasing a new PS2 for $99 and then use the other $40 to buy used games? Better yet, buy a used PS2 and then get even more games for it.

Perhaps you don’t like taking discs out of your console repeatedly and the only reason for modding your console is for convenience. Now you’re a bad liar and a thief.

Still think games are too expensive? $140 will pay for a full year of Gamefly with a 1 Game subscription. Or you could rent over 20 games a year at your local Blockbuster or rental store. For around $140 you could buy Assassin’s Creed 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Infamous, and MAG on the PS3 through Gamefly or any combination of games at retailers like Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys ‘R Us, or Walmart that sell used games. You can find tons of Xbox 360 games are practically priced low as well. Mass Effect 2 is just $21.00!

But pirates don’t really value games–they only value their own personal wealth. They would not like it if we took money from their paychecks or stole from their home but they are more than happy to throw away their reputation, morality, and any credibility just to rip a game.

If you are a pirate or know somebody who is, stop it. It doesn’t matter who is getting paid big bucks or who you think does not need the money. If you want to play the game, pay the fee. Stop being greedy. Stop making yourself look ignorant. Stealing from someone else so you can save money is just hypocritical and pointless.

Just stop…don’t be that gamer.

  • V8SuperCars


    Awesome article, words right out of my mouth, could agree more.


    Look after the industry you love.

    • Your article defines my xbox original days. I really wanted to pick up a few new games, yet when I went to gamestop, I looked at the price and said “fuk that” I would rather download it or rent it and copy it over to my 360. I wanted to game, that’s all. I felt like I was saving money, I didn’t want to spend so much money on games and then be short on my rent.

      I have learned many valuable lessons from actions like above. First of all; it matters more to play with friends online or to have the latest patch or DLC for my game. I don’t want to have to modify anything after every release or firmware upgrade. If a game is worth buying, rent the game first then decide. I would pay for Alan Wake 3 times if that’;s what it took for me to finally have that DLC…

      Great article Litigator, it’s a shame that even I have been a victim to myself greed.

      Oh and one more thing. I just can’t live without proof that I played a game. I love me trophies and Achievements. Damn Wii need some wii-points!

      • Siggy

        Great article L1T1G4T0R. I hope non-60GB PS3 owners get PS2 playback on their PS3s someday. Digital downloads with heavy DRM looks to be in all our gaming futures and even then piracy will still exist because it will never entirely go away even if games are sold for less than $1. Piracy on PC is even worse. Desz, I agree with your comment on trophies and achievements, Wii needs one badly.

      • You’re not alone Desz. I use to pirate PC games when I first started playing games. That was like 13 years ago. But as I grew up, I learned what I was doing was wrong and I just stopped. You shouldn’t feel guilty…you should be proud you actually changed. Many…as we’ve seen just from this thread…fail where you have already succeeded.

        @ Siggy

        Yeah piracy will always exist. I just hate it when people try to justify it as if it is their right to play every game made on Earth.

        I’m sure most of us have pirated games at one time or another. The difference is that we do not try to justify it. We knew what we did was wrong. We were on that ledge ready to jump but reality set in.

        Live by the Golden Rule…and you’ll be fine.

  • MacDuff

    So your entire argument against pirating is that it’s expensive to do so? That’s pretty weak.

    • The only thing weak is your reading comprehension if that’s all you got from this article.

  • Tom

    I bought a TV recently that had just about everything I wanted…apart from the RWY A/V jacks. Only component and HDMI. I called around, no word of an A/V to _____ (insert relevant hookup here) converter. Otherwise, the TV had great features for a cheap price.

    Now, I chose to get a 360 instead of a PS3, but what if I had my PS3 along with my now useless stack of PS2 games? Oh, right, your article offers the perfect solution – just go drop another $400 to get the TV I want, because obviously money grows on trees and everybody can afford everything.

    And more often than not, it’s developers that **** themselves over. Not giving PS3 backwards compatibility (or, even worse, showing it’s a possibility and then removing it), Ubisoft with their AC2 DRM stunt, companies that just generally never listen to the consumer (I’m looking at you, Activision), they’re treating us like **** and they’re getting away with it. If I pay $60 for a game, shouldn’t I be allowed to play without being online? If I pay $300 for a console, shouldn’t I be able to do something that you both told and showed us was possible? You want to try and force gamers to jump through hoops, we’re just going to say “**** it” and walk around them.

    Please, reply, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Or maybe you’re just another one of those useless internet commentators who makes a statement and runs away before the **** hits the fan.

    • Tom…your TV analogy is way off base. As a matter of fact, I think you should consume less and be EDUCATED before you make purchases. If you bought a television without A/V…it’s your fault.

      So if you then go and buy an Xbox 360 without researching it first and assume you can hook it up, then once again….that’s your fault.

      That’s not the salesman’s. That’s not Microsoft’s fault. That’s your fault my friend.

      And blaming developers still doesn’t give you a right to STEAL. Just like hungry doesn’t give you the right to steal food. Sexual desire doesn’t give you the right to rape. Just like wanting the world to worship one God in one specific way doesn’t give you the right to kill other’s with different religions.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right my friend.

      Furthermore, you can always fight against developers. I did it with Madden 2011. I did it with Call of Duty 5. I did it with Halo after the 3rd one. I just didn’t buy the games. I’m a strong individual willing to stand up for what I believe in. If I don’t, then I’m only wasting my life on this planet.

      It’s simple. Don’t buy the games. Tell your friends to not buy the games. Hell…if you want to protest the price of games, I’ll stand right by your side in protest.

      But I refuse to let anybody tell me that stealing anybody’s ideals, property, or hard work is ever justified.

      You’re taking value from someone’s hard work without giving them anything in return. That’s not a contract. That’s not a sale. That is just illegal.

      If you make a copy and your friend makes a copy. That’s two more copies of said game that the publisher never intended to get out. If you understand economics, the more the supply, the less the demand. If people copy games and don’t buy them, the developer has nothing to gauge the true success of a game. There’s no tangible way for them to track all the copies made nor do they see any value from this.

      Gamestop keeps records of what’s sold. Gamefly has lists of the bestselling games and the hottest rentals. Even though they’re not getting the bulk of money from second hand sales…(which I don’t necessarily believe they should anyway)…they know how the gaming public feels about the game.

      • tretle

        “Two rights don’t make a right my friend.” Actually they do 😀 You might want to fix that 😛

      • Tom

        a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based

        Good try, but that’s not an analogy. If I said removing backwards compatibility was like making bread come as a loaf rather than slices, that’s an analogy (albeit a terrible and rather irrelevant one) – they’re removing a feature of the product that we grew used to having (on both the PS2 and early PS3’s) and making it less convenient for the user. I’m simply sharing a relevant experience, one that I’m sure has happened to more people than just me.
        And I’m sorry, but apparently two wrongs do make a right. Look at MW2 – no dedicated servers, more expensive on PC, generally detested by the PC gaming community. What happens with the next game, after MW2 was heavily slandered and pirated? Dedicated servers are back (price isn’t changed, but that’s due to Activision, who I could rant about for days). If this kind of behavior is the only way for developers to actually listen to us, so be it. We need our opinions represented somehow.
        And yes, we would be taking something that a team put year/s of work into. But if we don’t, and we pay $60 for a new game, what are we doing? We’re supporting the idea that the gaming community can have **** thrown at them and we still eat it up.
        Frankly I’m surprised you even brought up used game sales. Oh, fantastic, the developer is now aware of the fact that they’re losing millions of dollars to Gamestop. I sincerely doubt it matters to the company – they don’t see what their sales figures could have potentially been, they see the bottom line.
        But in all honesty, thanks for the reply, always good to see someone back up their opinions.

        • It’s clear that you’ve at least put thought into your rebuttal….just not in the right areas.

          You are correct. My use of the word “analogy” was incorrect.

          That said, you still fail to prove why stealing is justified.

          You say it’s because developers don’t listen you. Wrong. Just like gamers…some listen and some don’t.

          EA Sports has been getting feedback from consumers on their forums for the last two years. Many companies are having betas just so they can find out what you like and don’t like in your games. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is another example coming up in October.

          I personally have wrote a two stories about Playstation.Blog.Share and how they have improved PSN based on consumers.

          Basically what you’re doing is generalizing a whole industry and then using that to justify piracy. WRONG.

          If you truly want to protest…stop buying games. If you want prices to go down. Don’t sell the games you buy. If you can enough people boycotting games and severely cut off the surplus of available used prices, other people will stop buying games because if there’s no used games or cheap prices…they can’t afford to. When people stop buying…these guys have no choice but to lower your prices.

          Still at the end of the day. It is your own fault if you buy a console and then complain about pricing. They didn’t raise the prices on games. They didn’t try to entrap you with a low price and then hit you with a high one. $59.99 is what they said. If you don’t like that, don’t buy the console. If you don’t like a particular company, don’t buy their games. Either way…if you decide to pirate…don’t try to justify it. It’s wrong. No matter how you look at it, it’s wrong.

          As you’ve seen in this very thread, I do that.

          • Tom

            Indeed, I’m a prick like that >_>
            Anyways, I can’t speak on EA Sports (though, from what I hear, the changes certainly aren’t worth $60 each year, which I would think be a common complaint on the forums), however after all the flak that Ubisoft received regarding the AC2 DRM it’s still active. A beta solves nothing – nobody (well, almost nobody…don’t get me started about the Destructoid review) argued that AC2 was an incredible game. But AC:Brotherhood still has the ridiculous DRM that people feel crippled it on the PC. They can lead us away from the problem all they want, but it doesn’t mean they’re listening to us.
            However, I agree that it’s not all bad. If Blizzard has shown us anything, it’s that some companies actually do listen to their consumers (realID fiasco).
            And look, I’m not trying to (despite the overall message of these posts) say that pirating is the “right” thing to do. But your method – boycotting, be it on forums or through games sales – is clearly not effective enough.If a publisher sees low games sales, their first thought is not “how can we improve the game”, but “should we cancel the franchise?”. I don’t think anybody wants the AC series canceled, but we’re sick of complaining to a group that simply doesn’t listen.
            I won’t bother commenting much on pricing, because it was never a huge issue for me. Games are a bit on the expensive side, but if companies value their consumers as much as their sales figures I would have no problem paying it.

  • Weaksauce

    You know, pirating a game or buying it used is the same thing. Either way the developers doesn’t see a single penny… GameStops sales of used games is what really is killing the industry.

    The amount of illegal downloads is not even half of what the sales of used games are stealing from the developers themselves. If you really want to help the industry then don’t buy used games either…

    • Developers still make money off DLC when you own the disc or use the disc.

      If someone is pirating games, mostly likely they have to alter their console which results in them getting banned from sources that can provide that DLC.

      In short…if you own the disc…even a used one, developers can still make money off the deal.

      If you pirate, you not only rob the developers of any chance of a sale, but you devalue the product as well.

    • How is using gamefly or any other renting service any different than buying a used game? The DEVs don’t see any money per person playing the game either. What about a car? Does buying a used car constitute piracy? Is that what is killing the automotive industry? Should i not buy things at flea markets or gaming conventions where they sell used games for the NES, SNES, Play station? GTFO.

  • ee

    Fahaha So true
    He acts all high and mighty about not pirating, then suggests used games
    Major fail

    • What country do you live in? It is illegal to make copies of COPYRIGHTED materials almost everywhere in the world.

      Buying a used copy is not.

  • Dixon Francois Jr.

    I believe if someone plays offline, the paying $140 dollars for a console’s life span of games is very intelligent. Pay $140 and save thousands. I don’t think pirates are ignorant because they know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

    PS. No one can buy all these games: Assassin’s Creed 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Infamous, and MAG on the PS3 from GameFly on release day for the cumulative price of $140.

    PSS. I understand you viewpoint but you cannot convince people to pay for something they get for free. If I didn’t play games online, I’d seriously pirate most games on consoles or borrow most games on consoles from friends and either way, I’d pay almost nothing for the amount of games I steal or borrow in a console’s lifespan.

    PSSS. If gamers want to get around the piracy dilemma, gather a pack of friends and borrow games from each other because the more gamer friends you have in your pack, the more money you’ll save (which will have the same effect as piracy, thus ONLINE PASSES, lol)

    • Answer me a simple question. If you created a game, would you want people to pirate it?

  • Phi39583

    I’ve said it a hundred times over, pirates should recognize the industry as not being financially self-sustaining, if a great game is developed it is imperative that the game be purchased and the developer supported. That all said, there is an alarming amount of games that are released without a demo version……I say pirate everything, play it and make a true determination if it is a title that deserves to be purchased…..

    • If there’s no demo, indeed the developers are at fault.

      Yet there’s still rentals.

    • Exactly how I felt about Alan Wake. That game deserves to be bought twice.

  • God bless you, L1T1G4T0R.

    It pleases me that there still people out there who value games from something other than a “user” perspective. “Pirate” has become this social pejoritive that now receives glorification and why? I can’t answer that, but Goddamnit, does it get under my skin.

    I love how the aforementioned miscreants are first to go to corporate greed and the like when justifying what they do. You know, it’s also cupidity when you’re trying to keep a few extra bucks in YOUR wallet, too.

    I don’t even really agree with GameFly(as large as it’s become) because gamers like us are the ones who [ab]use it, but at least they MORE per copy than the average user would. If we, the uber-enthusiast demographic bought games along with normal joes, I’d love to see the NPD.

    Anyway, great piece brother, and hang on to that moral code of yours.

    • I agree with you. I try hard not to buy used games just because I feel the same way. I do buy relatively new games from GameFly when hey become available for purchase.

      The second hand market is tricky. I really would like to see developers get their just due but I’ll actually reserve my comments on that for another article. LoL.

      Thanks for your comments. I just wish gamers would fight pricing the legal way.

  • Forced Piracy

    Gamefly? What is that? I live in Bosnia so I don’t know what that is. Would someone enlighten me?

    Also, people here can’t afford 60$ for their kids to play games. When we were a rich country in Yugoslavia, it was OK. But now when most people earn only 200$ a month, it’s just not OK.

    Is it fair to deny Bosnian children video games? I grew up playing games and I want that for my children too. I can afford PS3 and originals but many can’t and their only option is piracy.

    Is it children’s fault that superpowers ignited Bosnian war, destroyed Yugoslavia. it’s strong army and industry and on top of that bombed the hell out of us? Just out of some sick fear of a stable, strong and healthy communist country.

    • I do feel for people who can’t afford games. But to me, why spend money on a console if you really can’t afford it. Maybe I can afford to buy a BMW, but I shouldn’t buy it and then blame insurance companies because I can’t find decent rates. That’s my fault. I failed to use common sense. I am reaching for something that I simply cannot afford.

      Also it’s important to note that some countries don’t even have the luxury of ever seeing what a PS3 looks like.

      So what you’re saying is those Bosnian children and all those people should come are more important than a developer’s family. No my friend. Every man, woman, and child only has a limited number of years on this planet. You never know what can happen with your financial security. But just because one is poor doesn’t mean you should seek to plunder another man’s fortune. Robin Hood is a tale of a man stealing back the money the tax payers took from the citizens. He did not go after their personal wealth.

      That said…nothing will ever justify taking value from somebody else’s hard work. Perhaps you should become a game developer and create free games for Bosnian children to have?

  • Forced Piracy

    Well, you see, people here lived decent lives and children played games. We even had our own manufactured personal computer. But war destroyed everything and now foreign powers are plundering our forests, our oil, our rivers and our labour. It sounds like western children and families are more important than those who live here. The amount of games “stolen” as you say is miniscule in comparison to the amount of forests and natural resources stolen from us. Everyone is in debt to western banks and not even three generations in advance would be able to come out of debt. I agree that it’s not fair to “steal” from developers but it isn’t theft. You see, people here would never even be able to afford those games. So it’s pirate or nothing. Both ways, developers don’t make any money but the difference is that a few children have a happier lives and have insight into what their peers are enjoying throughout the World like it used to be before the war. That way, when the country recovers, we will have people who weren’t isolated from the world and we might have game developers who will give back what they “stole” as children through making new games for others to enjoy. We already need visas to exit the country, imagine what would it look like if we were totally isolated and if we didn’t have internet and pirates to show us what it’s like outside. That said, I’ve payed for every PS3 game I own, but if I didn’t have a decent job, I’d pirate for sure. Maybe a glimpse of a brighter future can be seen in what Pirate Parties all over the world fight for. Free information for all, copy and share as you like, the government takes care of paying the developers through taxes. Sounds great to me.

    • Forced Piracy

      As for BMW analogy, people just buy Yugo if they can’t afford BMW. Now, it’s not only that you can’t buy cheap games here but it’s insanely hard to even find an original PS3 game and even if you find it it’s ridiculously expensive (70EUR) That’s why I import my games from UK, it comes cheaper in the end but only people with stable jobs can have credit cards here.

    • I will have to admit that you stopped me dead in my tracks with the first comment. We have it so good in America(even with the piece of fecal matter that is the US economy) that we neglect to even consider that. I still take a pretty hardlined stance on piracy, but it is food for thought. Great comment.

    • Thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate you taking time to post here as I think we all at times forget how much the rest of the world has to suffer.

      My father is from Nigeria and every time I hear anything or even consider going over there, I’m convinced it is a bad decision. A lot of people all over the world are stuck in situations that shouldn’t have to tolerate or live in.

      But…here’s the problem. If war is indeed making hard for people to survive, perhaps saving money should triumph video games. Perhaps getting out of the country permanently would be at the top of the list. I know…it sounds like I’m heartless but I’m not. I understand why Mexicans come to the United States. They want something better.

      But do you really want your country rebuilt on lies? You wish your children to play pirated games because that will allow them to be happy. But…all they’re really learning is that it’s okay to play games you didn’t pay for. What about the joy of football? What about spending time with your family? What about board games?

      You see there are alternatives which these people can indeed afford. You’re right. You don’t have to buy a BMW. You can buy a Yugo which means you can buy a PS2, an old Xbox, a PS One, a PSX, a Dreamcast, a Sega Genesis, an N64, a Super Nintendo, or any other old console that you could buy plenty of games for on the Internet or local shops.

      You said foreign countries are stealing your forests and national resources. How does that make you feel? You didn’t grow the forests personally. Neither did you create the national resources yet you still feel hurt and you have that right. It’s your country…it’s your resources.

      But imagine putting 3 years of 14 hour shifts into building something. Then immediately realize that once it’s done, you’re only going to see a fraction of the profits because the distributor, the publisher, and in some cases retailers are going to see a cut of that money before it ever gets to you.

      Now…look at your argument. Sure I feel bad…but developers are already getting their resources plundered by the middlemen. Now you want to take what’s left from them?

      No..they’re not starving most of the time. But they’re people who worked hard to bring YOU and every other game. Don’t spit in their face. Don’t try to take without giving back otherwise you’re no better than the foreign countries taking from you.

      Buy what you can afford. Get what you can legally. Be proud that you stand among many greedy people who disprove the John Locke “social contract” theory wrong.

  • Jimbob

    this is really good, i study games devlopment atm, and we get it drummed into us that piracy is wrong, happy to hear that someone has come back to the lightside