Blu-Ray Capacity Only needed for PS3 Exclusives and Movies

Yesterday, we posted an article covering the latest bad news for Sony. Hackers have successfully made new PS3 games available for download. What caught our attention the most was the size of some of these games. Is Blu-Ray even needed today?

Of course it is, Blu-Ray can hold tons of data on one disc, but the problem is that most third party developers will never use that space. Looking at the images below, you will see that the third party PS3 games are less than the capacity of a Dual Layer DVD. Now, if Sony were to somehow convince the third party devs to add extra content on the PS3 version of a third party game on a Blu-Ray, wouldn’t that help DL DVD become extinct and make Blu-Ray the physical media to use today? Heck, this might even get Microsoft and other companies to jump on the Blu-Ray ride and finally make Blu-Ray the DVD of today.

Needless to say, PS3 exclusive games such as God of War 3, Yakuza 3, Killzone 2, and of course movies have been using the large capacity Blu-Ray discs. It would be nice when video games and movies come on one disc, as an option of course.

Here are some of the images of the different sizes on PS3 games from a usenet source.

God of War III Whoa!

  • doa766

    OMG, you just realized this? most people found out about this when the PS3 was first released

    back on 2006 as soon as there were games, the images were uploaded to torrent sites, they could not be used but people were supposed to hang on to them for a few months until a hack was released, since years went by without one they stopped uploading them

    but the first one was the ISO for Resistance and it was around 7gb and because of that back then a whole debate started about if the blu ray was necesary or not

    also you should write about how most of the blu ray disc with PS3 games are single layer (25gb) and a few are dual layer liek MGS4

    the fact that multiplatform games are held back by the 360 has been evident for gamers for years

    • OMG, doa766 is back!!! Welcome back buddy!

  • that’s because multiplatform games are developed on xbox 360 first and they had to make sure all contents fitted under 8gb, everything else were ported to the ps3 without making any changes

  • narutomaki

    I kind of disagree, look at the new Castlevania and Id Rage that’s more then 1 disc on the 360, then even a lot of 360 exclusive such as most of the Jrpgs, Forza 3, Mass Effect 2 all more then 1 disc on the 360 which can easily be on 1 blu-ray disc. the fact of the matter is that a blu-ray or a bigger media format is needed in the future and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more 1 blu-ray to 2 DVD game ratio in the future

  • Axe99

    This doesn’t prove that DVD isn’t needed for gaming at all – it proves that top-tier console games (visually) need Blu-Ray, and suggests strongly that the 360 is holding multiplat games back (and if you’re a PS3 gamer, you’ll already know that the best games on PS3 are generally the exclusives – ie, the multiplats are good and all, but outside of a few standouts, it’s the exclusives that are the best interactive experiences on the system).

    And yes it’s possible to work around the constraints of DVD by having multiple disks, but that still places a constraint on game design that aren’t there on the PS3.

    And clearly 360 and Wii games won’t need Blu-Ray, because then they’d never be released on those platforms ;).

  • duffman

    as i have said blu ray is not needed to make games thats just an excuse.
    all these people saying the 360 is holding the ps3 back is a load of rubbish . just sony likes a lot of the company to kiss sonys butt .

    • No. Some people just love to hate on a company without good reason.

      Microsoft failed to understand the significance of adding an optical drive that had more storage on it. They were so concerned with being first on the market that they completely ignored how future proof their console was.

      Now years later, the gap they so desperately treasured is almost gone and they have a console based off old technology. More and more companies are moving towards developing on the PS3 which means the Xbox 360 will start getting the crappy ports.

      Just imagine what Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption could really be like. You want to talk about massive and detailed worlds.

      Microsoft missed the plot. Plain and simple. Not even Kinect can change that.

      • Jaevicious

        Damn Litigator your a Hypocrite, you sure Jump in when somebody anything about playstation. Then proceed to talk shit about the 360. When the truth is Multiplatform games looked better on 360 plain and simple.

    • DJexs

      the fact is the 360 is holding gaming back with its outdated dvd. The fact is that they cannot hold the same data as a bluray no company is going to fill a bluray with content and gimp the game down to fit on a dvd there for everything has to fit on a dvd so thats like what 5-6 gbs after all of microsofts bullshit on the disk so thats almost ten times less then a bluray so XBOX IS GIMPING GAMING BECAUSE THEY CANNOT HAVE 50 GB DISKS AND NO MULTIPLAT GAME IS GOING TO HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED WITH 50 GB OF PS3 CONTENT AND 6 OF XBOX

  • The Freeman

    Ummmmmm…… Duh

  • plmko

    If a Wii game can be shrunk down to 26mb by removing dummy data, I”m sure PS3 games can be shrunk down to a significantly smaller size.

    • Look at the graphics in a Wii game. Look at the graphics in Metal Gear Solid 4.

      Before you reply…look again and explain to me why anybody would want to compress such a lovely game thus losing quality onto a smaller disc when you can embellish it on a bigger disc for about the same price to the consumer?

  • DJexs

    DUH of course it is only needed for exclusives and movies because DVDs cannot hold as much as a blu ray if it wasn’t for xbox using dvds we could have games with so much more content but microsux is ruining it with their shit console.

  • shizzle

    Thats why Sony exclusive rape everything else out there.

    • Jaevicious

      The only good sony exclusive is Uncharted. EVERYTHING ELSE ON PS3 is garbage. Even little big planet AND KILLZONE

  • Decoy

    Anyone else noticed that King of Fighters is barely larger than a CD and the Transformer game even less so. As several others stated, its not that games don’t need to be larger than a single DL DVD its that they are being limited to it so they can fit on one disc for the 360. I mean take a look at how FFXIII turned out, that had to be a capacity difference and not a performance one. Most devs are afraid to put there games on more than one disc these days.

    • Axe99

      The transformers game figure _has_ to be an error – the game requires a 5GB install ;).

  • I’ve always been surprised to see that the sizes of the games really don’t differ much between consoles.