While Sony is fighting PSJailbreak crime, the sneaky brains behind the PS3 hack have been working hard behind the scenes. PlayStation 3 games are now available for download in various torrent and usenet sites. The most interesting part about this, is the size of these games. Some of these games can do without a Blu-Ray

The PS3 Games caught readily available for download so far range from 6GB such as Alpha Protocol, Skate 3 and Blur, to 18.5GB for games such as Resistance 2 and Yakuza 3. While the sizes vary, most games appear to be less than the capacity of a dual layer DVD. Makes you wonder, why don’t they just add additional content or movies combined on one Blu-Ray. Third Party devs should be using the capacity of Blu-Ray, if not, whats the point of Blu-Ray besides some of the PS3 exclusives? This might even encourage Microsoft to go Blu.

God of War III Whoa!