PS3 Games Hit Torrent Sites, A Waste of Blu-Ray On Some Games

While Sony is fighting PSJailbreak crime, the sneaky brains behind the PS3 hack have been working hard behind the scenes. PlayStation 3 games are now available for download in various torrent and usenet sites. The most interesting part about this, is the size of these games. Some of these games can do without a Blu-Ray

The PS3 Games caught readily available for download so far range from 6GB such as Alpha Protocol, Skate 3 and Blur, to 18.5GB for games such as Resistance 2 and Yakuza 3. While the sizes vary, most games appear to be less than the capacity of a dual layer DVD. Makes you wonder, why don’t they just add additional content or movies combined on one Blu-Ray. Third Party devs should be using the capacity of Blu-Ray, if not, whats the point of Blu-Ray besides some of the PS3 exclusives? This might even encourage Microsoft to go Blu.

God of War III Whoa!

  • retdoid

    PS3 games were on torrent sites ages ago. excpt you couldnt play them.

    dam pirates. hate em.

    • dgv

      hey u a fuckin retard? How can they ever be harmful (the pirates) when they save u money u asshole ppl r never understandable

      • xcx

        id like to see you create a game and loose millions cus of pirates, then we wud all sit and laugh at you while ur sitting on the corner crying of your house which u cant afford anymore with a simple sickness which u cant even treat u cunt

        • LoL. He doesn’t get it.

          When his house gets broken into and they steal his stuff, then we’ll see his eyes finally open.

          Unfortunately some people are stuck in an egocentric bubble.

          • john

            its a different concept its a multibillion dollar company not someones house they take no real loss from pirating heck the systems and games cost way less then what they are sold for so pirating doesn’t do much damage to the company its like someone breaking into your house and stealing a teacup

  • MWH

    pirates = industry balance

  • smithdown

    dgv – You’re the asshole if you can’t see how pirates damage any industry. They’re taking money away from the people who developed these games, meaning they can’t make more games. Duh. It’s the same in the DVD and CD market. The pre-owned market isn’t much different, except at least there is a limit on the number of used copied in circulation. Anyone can download a file from the web, meaning there are infinite copies.

  • Son of a Crap!

    You do know this is fake none of this can be played on torrent, if you download one of them you will get a virus there just scamming you.

  • A-hoy there matey

    lol @ transformers size!

    • It is kinda weird that it is so big. I haven’t got a chance to play it yet. I’ll pick it up when it hits $20 a year from now.

  • Chester da Molester

    These numbers can be misleading. Most torrents are compressed. The console torrents are almost always compressed and split using rar so the actual game size can easily be double what is published as the download size.

    I haven’t seen the ps3 rips so can’t confirm but do know that on the wii platform, some of the extraneous data can be stripped to further reduce the size of the image so that what is downloaded is just the game without the additional content.

    Piracy does not always hurt sales as not everyone that downloads a game would have paid for it had the download not been available. I, personally, but the game after I have downloaded it only if I find myself interested after having tried it. Fact of the matter is that most games, regardless of platform, aren’t worth $10. The initial hype surrounding the game is what get’s people to but at $30 -$60 a pop.

    As far as viruses and malware from warez goes, it is almost unheard of on console rips.

  • Angel

    what is this torrent site that it shows in the pics? or what good site would have some ps3 games for download? if you can’t post links, its fine, just put some spaces in between the letters or somethin!!

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  • maniac

    if u say so then y dont u give us a torrent site ..!

  • fladjerslilmiss

    I have to agree with Chester da Molester, no game is worth more than about $10 anymore (I’ll say $20 for sake of sway and balance) but I would rather download it, try it see if I even LIKE the gm\ame before I go spend money on it. My fiancee and I buy the games we like (and there are lots) because we support what we enjoy, but we aren’t going to spend $60 on a game realize we dont like it and turn around and only get MAYBE $20 store credit from the place we bought it from the day before.