Let the PlayStation Move Deals Begin

With PlayStation Move only days away, retailers will start offering special deals when you buy a PlayStation Move bundle. Today one retailer has made the first ‘Move’, by offering some great deals on any PlayStation Move bundles and accessories.

Get a $25 Kmart gaming coupon with every in-store purchase of a PlayStation Move bundle (This includes one PlayStation Move controller, one PlayStation Eye Camera and Sport Champions PS3 game) for $99.99

Get a $40 Kmart gaming coupon with your in-store purchase of a PS3 system (320GB) and the aforementioned Move bundle for $399.99

Get a $10 Kmart gaming coupon when you buy one of the following PS3 Move accessories in store: a PS3 Move controller, a PS3 Move Navigation controller or a PS3 Move charging station

Get a $10 Kmart gaming coupon with the in-store purchase of Toy Story 3, Start the Party, Eye Pet, Kung Fu Rider or Sport Champions

All Deals available from 9/17 to 9/25