Was PSJailbreak Even Real? Sony’s Quick Response to PSJailbreak Made The Hack Seem Fake

Farewell PSJailbreak! after only weeks of the PSJailbreak hack breakthrough, Sony wipes the floor with the PSJailbreak Flash drives and puts the hacker’s business, out of business. What are your thoughts on Sony’s response time and actions? Did they handle this accordingly. Could they have prevented this? How long till we see another PS3 hack? One thing is for sure, Sony crushed the PSJailbreak idea to the ground, very quick.

History of PSJailbreak:

The Beginning: The PS3 is now the Original Xbox

The War: PSJailbreak Dealers send out warning

Sony’s Response: Sony Crushes PSJailbreak’s Heart

And, now you are reading the Aftermath:

Sony has officially put most PSJailbreak dealers out of business. After only weeks of PSJailbreaks announcements, Sony has punished the dealers and their PSJailbreak business. Today Sony unleashed a Labor day surprise with firmware update 3.42 which could very well be the nail to coffin to any PSJailbreak PS3 trying to get on the PSN.

I honestly think that Sony did a great job with this. I did not expect Sony to move as quickly as they did. For a second, I was really starting to believe that Sony released this hack on purpose to help console sales. All the ingredients and sign pointed to that. While the PSJailbreak hack still works and could easily be used on PS3′s near a PSjailbreak dealer, most PS3′s remain secured.

Sony’s quick response has clearly secured the PS3 for now, but how long till a new PSJailbreak hits the wild?

  • Dirk

    No device or system is ever completely secure. What I think is that Sony knew of the possible exploit and was prepared for it when it became an issue.

  • little_ceasar

    Are you foolish or just in denial cause you hate piracy? Sony didn’t “wipe the floor”with anything. They won a lawsuit against distributors from selling it in Australia. That doesn’t stop anything. That code is out there for free now and people are hacking ps3’s with calculators and iphones now. I saw someone do it today with my own eyes. Stop lying in hopes of downplaying the issue for hits.

  • Prob

    @little ceasar ….well said sir, well said.

    PSJB team says the JB is upgradeable ..and they were waiting for 3.42

  • YP

    Come on, don’t get excited. Just wait for those filthy scumbags to response.

  • retdoid

    @ ceasar

    I’m guessing you didn’t hear the news.

    firmware 3.42 stopped the jailbreak.

    Sony worked fast, because they actually developed the hack in the first place. The PS jailbreak is actually a jigkey that sony repair centers use to repair the consoles. The jailbreak guys obtained one and mass produced it.

    These hackers didn’t hack anything. That’s why PSjailbreak had such a high price. they knew sony knew how to fix it.

  • WFT

    This is probably the most ridiculous and trolling headline I’ve seen in N4G for quite some time.

    But you’ll probably be glad that one thing you did here with your headlines, is to actually try the Jailbreak myself to see how full of shit is this headline.
    Guess what? Works like charm. Thanks TQCAST!

  • Seriously?

    Well, no sir. Its not quite that case. An exploit is an exploit, one that can be filled up. I’m afraid this type of “hack” is not ideal for a homebrew community.


    What homebrew shit,what “free for all console“ crap??? We all know where this shit is leading.PIRACY. Stop lying and shitting. Cause of shit like this,we have morons flying around in MW2,with infinite ammo.Fuck piracy.

  • doa766

    in a few days the PSjailbreak will be updated to work with firmware 3.42 and your rant/article will seem even more stupid that it seems now

    and even if it’s not updated (which will be) will an offline PS3 you still download the ISO files and play all the games already released offline

    • Thanks for the comment DOA. Get TQ more hits kind but somewhat dumb commenter. I take it you have a PSJailbreak and playing your backups….I envy you..

  • doa766

    also the lawsuit doesn’t change absolutly nothing

    the PSjailbreak was reversed engeniered days after it was released and now all you need is a USB microcontroller and 8 mb file that you can get on any torrent site and you’ll hack your PS3

    and will be able to play offline every single game already released as long as you don’t update the firmware

  • JonahFalcon

    Serves everyone right who purchased any jailbreak device online. I think Sony did a great job in that they didn’t really discuss developing a patch at all leading those filthy hackers to believe they were going to get away with it. And they get to avoid the fallout like what Microsoft had to deal with when they banned consoles for modding since they Sony won’t actually need to ban anyone. So either update your systems if you want to play online or don’t if you need to have your system broken. Have fun playing by yourselves offline jerks!

  • doa766

    the PSjailbreak soft is available online and you can download it and hack you PS3 with a USB microntroller

    there’s nothing that Sony can do to prevent people from hacking their PS3 and downloading the ISOs and playing all the games already released off line

    I wisih something could be done about that, I don’t like piracy but you’re writing as if the hack is history, and it’s not fare from it

    the soft for the hack can be updated

    • Doa I completely understand where you are coming from. Like you, we understand the deal. The article is aimed for the everyday PS3 users that might visit a gaming site every now and then, instead of power users like you. That’s why there is always a question at the end of the articles. We ask what gamers thought of Sony’s response time and actions, that’s it.

      “Sony’s quick response has clearly secured the PS3 for now, but how long till a new PSJailbreak hits the wild?”

      Both me an you know the deal… I didn’t want to address that on the article, if you read some of the commenter above, they believe in Sony, we don’t want to crush that. but you pretty much added to it on your comment…

      so, I guess we are open for business!!! PSjailbreaks anyone??

      • doa766

        so, you write inaccurate things on purpose because you think your readers are underinformed

        great journalism, maybe you should work for Fox News

        • lol..everything in the article is true DOA… didn’t Sony act on it accordingly? Stopped legal shipping of it? Didn’t dealers send out a warning e-mail? Didn’t Sony release a firmware update by the name 3.42 for “added security”?? I mean what part is inaccurate?

          haha @Fox News… Maybe I will..

          Gives us a PSJailbreak review already, we want to know your experiences with it.

    • DOA…this is really simple.

      Even the iPhone Dev team took a break from the routine loop of jailbreaking the iPhone at every firmware update. Apple is looking into ways to permanently stop it. Why do you think they introduce Ping and Game Center? So they can get people legally hooked and reduce jailbreaking.

      Same thing applies here. You want trophies on your PS3…you have to get online and when you do, BAM…bye bye hack. If you’re telling that some idiot is going to use his PS3 offline just to play roms, then so be it. He’s disconnected from the world playing roms on a $300 device when he could have simply bought a PS2 or use a netbook!!!!

      The issue is simple…jailbreaking the PS3 permanently won’t happen unless there’s a hardware hack. Sony would have to change their console design and there’s no way to stop that.

      Software can and has been stopped.

  • D.Vader

    First off everyone is a retard for calling it a PS Jailbreak. Jailbreaks can only happen on phones or devices 100% tied to a service provider. The PS3 is not a phone, thus it can’t be jailbroken.

    I highly doubt Sony released the Jailbreak to spur console sales. With the bad rep the PSP has for not being secure Sony would not risk the PS3’s reputation for being very secure. They acted quickly because the hack/mod was real.