Underrated PS3 Game ‘Demon’s Souls’, Gets an Incredible Deal

One of the most underrated games on the PS3 gets an incredible deal. Demon’s Souls brand new for only $25.49 with free shipping.

Game Stop has Demon’s Souls (PS3) for $30 an addition, get 15% off by using code NEXT15 = $25.49. Shipping is free with code SAVER

  • doa766

    underrated? what the hell are you talking about?

    this was Gamespot 2009 game of the year and IGN gave it a 94, it’s rated at 89 at Metacritic and it’s a cult classic

    maybe you should go back to play Halo and not talk about real games

  • doa766

    also Atlus ran out of copies because the underestimated the demand adn they had to put out a lot more than initial thought

    • Underrated as in it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The game is great, the article is about the deal, we are sharing that deal. WTF does Halo have to do with the deal?

  • cleft5

    Demons Soul’s is probably my all time favorite game. The best way to describe it is to say that once you play it, and you truly are into hardcore games, Demons Soul’s get into your blood. Meaning that it becomes a game that you absolutely must play. With that said, Demons Soul’s is definitely an underrated game that didn’t reach the huge target audience it really should have.

    I can only hope that this sale will get more people to buy the game new. I am definitely holding out hope that this game will get a sequel. Can you imagine fighting in the Land of the Giants.

    Oh and doa766, by definition something that is a “cult classic” means that it never did reach the mainstream audience but the few people that did play/watch/read/listened to it, loved it so much that it still managed to be relevant despite poor sales. In short, it means it was Underrated. So the next time you tell someone to go back and play Halo, make sure you have your facts straight and definitions correct.