Killzone 3 is Looking Like The 2011 Graphics King by Far

Look around, no other game can top Killzone 3’s impressive graphics thus far. Recent images and videos clearly show Killzone 3 taking gaming graphics to a whole new level. Not even Crysis 2 can match Killzone 3. Are we looking at the 2011 Graphics King?

The PS3 is a true beast, the older the PS3 gets, the more games we see taking advantage of the PS3’s power, but damn, does Killzone 3 really make the PS3 look good. For those with the money to buy a 3D ready TV, be ready to experience Killzone like never before. check out Killzone 3’s graphics below.

Killzone 2 set a standard when it came out in 2009, but Killzone 3 is just on another level. Graphics, Jetpacks, 3D..2011 is going to be crazy!

Below is a video that Gamingbolt put together, showing off the PS3’s power and clearly showing how much better Killzone 3 looks over Crysis 2.

  • Jack

    Nope, you’re forgetting Crysis 2 will be released in 2011 and that kicks KZ3 hard in the nuts!

    • I hope u mean the PC version…

      the console version of Crysis doesn’t look that impressive…

  • Spanky

    Are you nuts, even looking at that tiny crappy You tube video I can see Crysis looks better than Killzone3, you PS3 fanboys are seriously starting to go insane. You’re so drunk on Sony love, that you cant even see straight.

    • Mitch

      You know you can just as easily be called a PC “fanboy” for saying that Crysis 2 looks better visaully, just as you’re calling the other user a PS3 “fanboy” for saying that he thinks Killzone 3 looks better?

      Yeah, you’re a hypocrite.

  • DocSplice

    “… showing off the PS3′s power and clearly showing how much better Killzone 3 looks over Crysis 2.”

    Sounds like a bit of a fanboy comment to be honest ;P Personally, I’m not too impressed by Killzone 3, to me it looks like it’s using over exaggerated effects, some to cover up graphical blemishes, similar to how it was in Killzone 2. Colours are rather ‘bleh’, or flat, same goes for Crysis 2. Easily fixable in Crysis 2 for PC with mods however 🙂

    All in all, I’m personally prefering the look of Crysis 2 at the moment, down to personal preference really.

  • anon

    KZ3 looks better…(sadly).. i was expecting so much of crysis 2 but alas…Crytek fucked up the console version…hopefully the pc version will own all. But…who knows…maybe they’ll be able to fix the current problems on the console version in a few months from now…

  • wow

    Mitch you are a fanboy in it’s prime, Jesus christ saying crysis 2 looks better than killzone 2 does not make you a pc fanboy. It makes you someone who isn’t blinded by an unhealthy affinity for their console and can clearly see which game looks better.

  • GB

    I seriously lol’d at this – big time.

    Plus, everyone who I’ve showed the comparison video to thinks that Crysis 2 is the better looking game. Take off you fanatic goggles you lunatic.

  • retdoid

    I am hungry for some KZ3. It does look impressive. Best console graphics. PC crysis probably beats it. but console definetly wont.

  • Babis88

    Wrong, the graphics king of 2011 by far, will certainly be Crysis 2.

  • richmond

    ignore the Halo & Milo fans,Killzone 3 is the king of FPS games,you lot are just pissed because its not on crapox360 (impossible graphically) & you can’t play it for FREE.

  • The picture is not everything

  • kap

    i think what needs to be said is that this same thing was going on before killzone 2 came out. “omg the graphics look amazing its gonna be the greatest fps ever. halo killer for sure!” and now nobody plays it anymore. yes the graphics look amazing for kz3 but honestly, i think it will fall to the same fate the kz2 did. sorry just my opinion

  • Jack

    It doesn’t matter if the game looks amazing, it’s not like KZ3 will have any game changing elements. It will be the same as KZ1 & 2. Games aren’t all about graphics either you silly little PS3 fanboys.

    Plus Crysis 2 still looks better. Even Micheal Pachter knows that

  • noctis

    are you blind ! !
    in kz3 they are using lighting EFFECTS and brown and gray colors to hide the bad textures “CHEAP TRICK ” !

    have you seen RAGE , FFversus13
    MGS: Rising ” Raiden’s model alone is 5 times much better and detailed than any character or model in kz3 ”

    FFversus13 and MGS: Rising will blow that western game”kz3″ away and japan WILL rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait till TGS …

  • Craig

    Oh yeah, I actually forgot about RAGE too. This article just gets more and more hilarious by the second. It’s becoming similar to the people who think God of War III is Game of the Year, at least these fanatics are now becoming the laughing stock of the entire industry now. 🙂


    I’m getting KZ3 on my ps3,also getting Crysis on my ps3 and my 360.maybe even for my pc. I’ll let you know which one looks better. Jees,i cant believe this shit is still going on…

  • Mitch

    So let me get this straight, you’re calling people who perfer Killzone 3 a PlayStation 3 “fanboy”. But people who perfer Crysis 2, aren’t a PC “fanboy”?

    You’re just as much of a friggin moron as the other user. [possibly the same person?]

  • Lol

    I still say this would make a better movie then a game… I was blown away by killzone 2’s graphics but I just couldn’t get into it

  • haha

    fuking idiots killzone looks better than crysis 2 easily im so jealous that i got a pc not a ps3, so what that the first crysis got ultra high textures on a fucking leaf lmao seriously dudes only an environmentalist will be cuming in her/his pants over that ( guys cum over mine i got crysis, *walks to a leaf* see dudes looks good only when you face to face with it and zoom in using scope) fucking sad as fuck its a game killzone 3 looks like a blockbuster movie, id take killzone 3 over boring over hyped crysis anyday. fanboy as a word is used more now than calling a fucking game gay. your all fucking retarded. and for the mgs rising twat, its goin to be shit its not even a true to its name mgs. they only belong to the ps. like crysis should stay to pc and that galo to the shit box. yes xboxs are shit LBP is better than any exclusive the shit box throws out, all you got are fucking shooting games. and who ever replies to this abusively i couldnt give to shits becoz you dont know me i could be anyone. it’l be like your talking to a wall 😀 or yourselfs as you allways play games hope you enjoyed my story got a gf to fuck and lick out till shes sore and throbing after i fuck the shit out of her and lik all the pussy juice off her clitoris and then spac on her breast giving them that sexy shimering look. Mmmm yeh . dont hide your boners guys. your only human peece

  • anon

    i dont think so killzone 3 sucks ass who plays FPS on consoles anyways.

  • Logan

    Anybody who says that killzone 3 looks worse than crysis (at least the console version) has not played both. Crysis looks good, but killzones lighting is so much better and the super high resolution textures blow crysis 2 out of the water. I don’t believe the video did either game complete justice, but if you sit down and play killzone online, the levels are huge with incredible landscapes and stuff happening everywhere with no slowdown.