Amazon Fights Back with 99-Cent HD TV Show Purchases

Whoa. Take this as a lesson. Competition is absolutely great for consumers and there’s no better example than the events that rocked the digital world yesterday. has announced they will be selling HD episodes of ABC and FOX shows from now on for just 99-cents an episode. For those of you shaking your head in defiance like this isn’t a good deal…consider this.

If you still buy DVDS or Blu-Rays, you should know this is a huge discount. On the average, new season DVD or Blu-Ray packs cost over $30. With shows usually having around 20 episodes a season, you’ll be saving over $10 with each season. For example, the lowest price for Season 7 of 24 on Blu-Ray is $28 brand new. There’s only 24 episodes in that season…you do the math. Even more impressive…you’ll get the entire LOST series for $121 in HD while the Blu-Ray collection is $195.

Not only is it cheaper…but for people who love using XBMC, Windows Media Center, or other media center software, this is an absolute dream. You don’t have to worry about ripping files from your Blu-Rays or converting files from your DVR.

Sure Netflix and Hulu still offer media but you still don’t own it and the minute you stop paying that subscription fee, that media is gone. For all the people that pirate shows because of pricing, this is an immediate challenge to your claims. Immediate and legal distribution of high definition content for a very reasonable price is now available.

This is a huge step towards the “Digital Age.” Will this change the way you get your media? Will you cancel your cable if more big companies allow Amazon to sell their shows as well?

  • Guru-007

    Sony should drop their price to .99 cents also. 1.99 is too much.