Apple Reveals New Products At Conference

Today Apple debuted a whole generation of products and services that will no doubt please their consumers. The most prominent revelation would be the ultra small and sleek Apple TV device shown above which heralds higher levels of connectivity for users and the products they love.

The new Apple TV features Ethernet, HDMI, optical audio outs, and USB plugs along with Wireless N support. The new Apple TV now allows streaming of 720p video from iTunes. Miss the last episode of Glee? No problem. Just pony up 99 cents and you can view it commercial free in HD glory. Perhaps you’re a Netflix subscriber. Well then you’re in luck because you can now stream Netflix videos with Apple TV as well.

Apple’s Newest Devices and Features:

* New iPod Shuffle with new Voiceover feature ($49)

*New iPod nano with Multi-Touch and built-in FM Radio (8GB $149 / 16GB $179)

*New iPod Touch with Retina Display, HD video recording, FaceTime, and gaming ( 8GB $229 / 32GB $299 / 64GB $399 )

* $.99 TV Show Rentals – Stream televisions shows on your portable Apple device or on Apple TV in 720P

* AirPlay – A wireless technology which lets you stream audio from your Apple device to compatible speakers, receivers, or iPod accessories

* Improved syncing – Arrange your apps, sync your files, and manage space on your iPhone faster than ever before

* Ping – A social network for music enthuasists to keep track of their favorite artists and friends

  • Apple TV huh.. What happened to the rumored Apple TV apps? Am I missing something?

  • Nope. This version of the iOS doesn’t support it yet on Apple TV. Possibly in the next big firmware update, it will be extended to it. I’m not too keen on the ideas of apps on tv yet.

    On your phone, they look great. On you big screen with so many more pixels, it won’t look so hot. Maybe they’re working on some scaling software as well.